Instagram Case Study: 0 to 1000 Instagram Followers in 30 Days

Instagram Case Study: 0 to 1000 Instagram Followers in 30 Days

Everyone wants to know how to grow Instagram followers fast. But it’s important to invest in the right type of growth. More and more, Instagram is becoming a part of daily life for people around the globe. With its high volume and visual format, it offers an engaging and fun way for people to connect.

Businesses have taken note, and have taken to the social media platform as a medium for marketing to new and potential customers.

This post will teach you 8 proven tactics for how to grow your followers on Instagram.

1. Research Your Target Audience Thoroughly.

There’s no long-term benefit of promoting your content to people who have no interest in you and merely want a like back. They’ll unfollow you in no time, and you’ll be left wondering where it all went wrong.

If you get your target audience on Instagram right, you’ll get a higher engagement rate, and this means your posts will appear higher up in your followers’ feeds. It’s a win-win.

There are a few things you can do to better understand your target audience on Instagram.

  • Get an overview of the demographic makeup of your follower-base, including age, gender, and location. Then, try to research more in-depth stats, like when your followers are online (to make sure you post at the right time) or what language they use, etc.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors with a similar target audience – what kind of imagery are they posting? Do they post captions? And if yes, what do they say there and what tone of voice do they use? Focus on the most successful posts of your competitors and then break it down to understand the most probable reasons that post worked so well with their audience.
  • If you want to know something, just ask! Ask your existing audience about their favorite kind of Instagram content and the accounts they’re following. Ask them in your next Instagram post or Story, and wait for the useful insights to roll in!

2. Use an Actual Camera.

I switched from using my phone to using a Canon EOS 70D camera for EVERY photo. I’m not going to lie, it’s a hassle to pull out my camera, my tripod, take a photo or 10, upload them to my computer, edit one and then send it to myself to post on Instagram, but I’ve also learned it’s worth it. Instagram is a visual platform, designed for people to react to what they see, so it makes sense that a nicer photo would elicit more likes and engagement.

3. Focus on Quality (Posts).

Instagram is a beautiful virtual world. People are very visual creatures. They appreciate visuals that provoke an emotion or tell a story. They spend time here to learn about various lifestyles and products. They want to be inspired by what they see.

People don’t come to Instagram to read lengthy image or product descriptions. They rarely get into deep conversations. They don’t typically follow accounts that post low-quality snapshots or selfies. They like images that transport them.

  • Instagram isn’t the place where you want to say something. Then you find an image to complement it. The image is the message. Start with a high-resolution image that communicates a message.
  • Images that just blend into a newsfeed will be scrolled by even if they appreciate your brand. Use bold colors, images, and contrasts to get noticed.
  • Grams that adhere to a single color theme or pattern get the most attention. As a person is scrolling through their feed, they recognize your posts instantly because of the theme.

4. Socialize.

It ain’t called social media for nothin’! Respond to the comments you receive and leave comments of your own on others’ work. Rather than something stale like, “cute dress,” try to leave genuine comments and questions that encourage them to post more photos.

5. Buy Instagram Followers.

A quick Google on the topic will reveal to you plenty of services that promise to gain you hundreds of Instagram followers for cheap.

The problem with this strategy is that it’s about quantity, not quality. These aren’t real followers. They aren’t likely to engage, aren’t likely to become customers, and aren’t likely to be meaningful followers.

6. Implement Hashtags, Tags, Mentions, and Locations.

Instagram has several features that allow users to find relevant content. Utilizing hashtags, tags, mentions, and locations ensure that your content reaches the feeds of the right audience.

Hashtags: During your research, you should have discovered the top hashtags that your peers are using. Keep a note in your phone with the necessary hashtags to accompany each post. Don’t forget to include hashtags for brands, accounts that repost content, as well as local hashtags.

Account Tags: When posting an image, don’t forget to tag brands used directly on the image. To be featured you can tag accounts like American Salon, Modern Salon, and Behind the Chair. Once you’ve tagged an account, your post will live in the tagged tab of their Instagram account, which is a great way to expand your reach.

Mentions: Similar to tags, mentions are a great way to get someone’s attention in your caption. However, these mentions do not live anywhere beyond the caption, so mainly utilize it to engage in conversation in the comments.

Locations: Always tag the location of your salon in your posts, and ask that your team and clients do the same. This will curate your work across accounts to be tied to your location on Instagram. Furthermore, if you tag your town in your Instagram stories, they will now show up to anyone in the area at the top of the ‘Search’ section.

7. Video, Stories, and Instagram Live.

Video content is rising in popularity. It’s been predicted that 80% of all internet traffic will come from videos by 2019. If you’re only posting still snaps, you’re missing out on a lot of potential engagement.

Vegan makeup brand Lime Crime often shares short videos on its Instagram feed. This video received over 80,000 views in 3 hours, whereas a photo posted at a similar time had under 10,000 likes.

8. Use Branded Hashtags.

Using branded hashtags are another powerful way to grow Instagram followers organically. A lot of big Instagram accounts have their own branded hashtags as part of their overall marketing campaign. Often they encourage others to use their hashtag to get more exposure.

This is especially true for accounts that mainly share other people’s content. So if you have an awesome image, use a popular branded hashtag and your post may get shared to a very large audience. Key here is to only do this when you have a top quality post.

It’s worth creating a list of brands and their hashtags, just so that you can quickly check if there is a suitable hashtag that you can use for a particular post. Don’t overdo it though as this may quickly turn into a spamming exercise.



Remember, any social media platform, be that InstagramFacebookYoutube or any other popular network, are all based on complex algorithms, bots and automation. Getting shadow banned, low engagement rates and slow account growth doesn’t mean that your work isn’t good enough. It’s bots who decide who sees what, when and how often. What is in your power and area of expertise – is human interaction, emotional intelligence, and plain old simple friendliness and passion. Be active, talk to your fans and potential fans, offer them your attention and time, before asking their back, and act like a real entrepreneur – put in place a strategy, invest time and money in tools when needed, and track your efforts. Trust us, you’ll notice pleasant changes within weeks!


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