Facebook Engagement in 2019: 8 Tactics That Actually Work for Facebook Comments

Facebook Engagement in 2019: 8 Tactics That Actually Work for Facebook Comments

1. Keep an Eye on Trending Content.

Unfortunately, trending content on Facebook was removed a few weeks ago, but you can still see what is popular in the world by:-

  • Checking Twitter moments
  • Checking Twitter trending hashtags
  • Typing your keyword / topic into Google > click news > tools > recent > sort by the last 24 hours
  • BBC News is always a reliable source (Do not trust the Daily Mail!).
  • Set up Google alerts

Topical events are always a great source of content for your Facebook page, especially if you are asking for opinions on the latest news, or perhaps you are offering your own opinion that will evoke people to agree or disagree with you.  Being controversial is a highly effective strategy, but proceed with caution.  You can see that Social Media Examiner are always ahead of the game when it comes to social media breaking news.

2. Include Attractive Photos.

No doubt that visuals get more attention than simple text. People love to see content in the form of photos or videos rather than in plain text. Well, there is also a reason behind that, it is because visuals are easy to consume and fun to like and share.

Your photo should be an eye-catching one. It should make people go aww, laugh or cry. You should always try to post different and unique photos to gain visitors’ attention. For example, if you post a photo in which a cute puppy is sleeping with teddy is itself different from the photos which include just a puppy.

It is always a better choice to explain a concept with the help of an image or meme as it makes that concept more interesting and easy to understand. So, you can make use of it in the post related to your page. You can also bring more life to your image post by adding memes, text, videos etc. Also, remember not to overuse images. Use variations.

3. Ask Question.

Ask a simple question each of us can relate to. Even better if your audience can polarize between two answers (A-B). Seen this so many times “Do you like chocolate of vanilla ice cream?” “What is your first memory ever?” “What country would you most like to live in?” “If you could take your living and working arrangements with you, where would you locate right now?” “What is your favorite quote?” and so on.

4. Live Video Rocks!

If you want comments on your posts then go live!  It is not for everyone, but if you are comfortable in front of a camera then go for it. When you are live you can encourage people to ask you questions by commenting below.    Here are my top tips for getting better engagement on a Facebook live broadcast:-

  1. Only go live if you have something to say.  If you have nothing to say, then don't do it!
  2. Embrace Imperfection – people buy from people.  Be authentic and your real self and people will get involved.
  3. Facebook live works best if you are producing a regular show at the same time each week.  Consistency will bring back your followers, and they will bring their friends.
  4. Let your audience drive the action.  Don't fret if the content goes a bit off topic.  Just go with the flow and read your audience.
  5. Be different and talk about something that your audience has never seen before.
  6. Interview someone – this works wonders, as your interviewee will also share the live broadcast with their audience.  Double bubble!
  7. Remember to plan your live broadcast.  Unless you are Martin Lewis, it is difficult to get an ongoing audience with live videos unless you have promoted the event.

5. The Right Time to Post.

Well,  as we know that everything should be done at its right time, so is in the case of  Facebook posts. You should choose the right time to post. Right time means the time when most of the users of Facebook come online. Studies have shown that maximum Facebook users come online in the evening. People spend more time on Facebook between 7 pm-11 pm. Hence you should always try to post in this time interval.

Weekends also have a great impact on Facebook. The posts which get posted on weekends, especially on Sundays get more likes and share says the research. So make sure that you post on Facebook in between this magical time interval.

6. Add Reaction.

Do you know those situations where you don’t want to reply to comment yet want to acknowledge it? Thankfully, similar to posts, you can add reactions to comments as well. Usually, Facebook supports six emoji reactions but they keep adding new ones for a limited time.

To react to a comment, hover your mouse over the Like button or long-tap the Like button (if you are using the mobile app). Then select the emoji that you want to use.

7. Share Regularly.

Make it your habit to post regularly, so that your fans can see your post on regular basis. You can post every day or every alternate day. It is seen that posting 1-4 times a week get 4 times more likes and share than posting 5 times a week.

Also, leave 3-4 hours interval b/w post. It takes -4 hours for a post to get 70% of its total impression. So, give 4 hrs interval so that your post gets its maximum impression.

8. Keep It Short and Sweet.

  For the most part, you want to keep your posts short and sweet. People rarely have the attention span to read long, text-heavy posts. That being said, very long posts from time to time can spark conversations and debates that lead to higher engagement and sharing.

On a daily basis, stick to short comments, but don’t be afraid to post a long comment every now and then. These longer comments can help get a more meaningful conversation started. Choose your topic wisely and try to encourage friendly debate and discussion.


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