8 Best Tips for Getting Soundcloud Plays l Alwaysvira

8 Best Tips for Getting Soundcloud Plays l Alwaysvira

1. Network with Other SoundCloud Artists.

Musicians love music. You can't solely focus on your own music if you want to create exposure for your own. There are other artists out there making similar music to yours — or at least music within the same genre as yours. Find these musicians and give them props for what they're doing.

By networking with others, you own music will start to get plays — even if it's just from other artists that you've connected with. As you probably know, plays beget plays on SoundCloud, so this exposure can only be good for you.

So here's your game plan:

- Find three or four musicians that are not that popular yet, but who play the same kind of music you enjoy.

- Connect with these musicians on SoundCloud and social media. Play their music, comment on their new posts and follow their progress.

- Without pushing your luck, look for opportunities to share your own music within comments or when/if someone asks you to.

- Participate in music discussions and don't hesitate to share info about yourself and your musical journey.

If you do this consistently each day, you will soon become visible to artists you follow as well as the people who follow them. These are SoundCloud followers who already like your kind of music, so it's only a matter of time before they start exploring your tracks and searching for you on SoundCloud.

2. Use Facebook to Promote a Track.

Facebook is your power tool for sharing music! Users get hooked on great music while scrolling through their feed. If you have a lot of friends on Facebook already, it's time to start creating a musician page and turn those friends into fans.

A musician or band page on Facebook will allow you to share your tracks as you create them. you can then re-share your posts from the musician page onto your personal profile, and get clicks from your friends. Ultimately you want to grow your Facebook fan page a lot further than your group of friends. The quickest way to do this is through Facebook advertising. It's fast, it's cheap and it's targeted at the right people.

When you create a Facebook ad, you're basically promoting a post. In this case, that post is a track on SoundCloud. You can target your ad to reach people who are already following similar music genres to your own. It won't be long before the likes start piling up. As they do, you'll get more plays on SoundCloud. These plays will eventually generate more visibility on SoundCloud itself, exposing your music to more users.

3. Make EPIC music regularly.

If you never finish any of your loops and WiPs, or if you’re too scared of criticism, then you’re not going to get far.

You have to force yourself to COMPLETE your tracks, and spend the time to make them sound awesome – they should not be too repetitive, they should not be overly complicated and difficult to listen to, they should make people feel something, whether it’s excitement or despair – whatever your intention is with the track. You get the idea – make the best music you can, and make loads of it (see my 4 tips on productive time management for music production).

A lot of you might say that you don’t have the time, but it’s all about your priorities. Did you need to go out and sink 8 pints of beer last night, and be hungover all day today? Probably not. Could you have used that time and all of today to make some epic music instead? Some of you may say that you don’t have the best DAW to make the best possible music.

4. Find Active Youtube Channels.

What you’re going to do now is start to gather contact information with a creative trick. Genres are a great area to start this! Say you make Future Bass music. Do the following on Youtube.

  1. Go on Youtube and type in “Future Bass Remix” in the search bar.
  2. After searching, Filter Results by Upload Date.
  3. You Now have a List of Active Promotional Channels on Youtube.

You could obviously repeat this process for any genre such as Trap, Electro House, Hybrid Trap, etc. Search your target genre and if the channel is worth submitting to, you’re most likely going to find their most recent video upload in the search results.

5. Join and Interact on Subreddits.

To grow your fanbase you must create fan pages. A great place to this is on Reddit. You can post your music on subreddits that link to your website and of course link to SoundCloud. Reddit has an excellent initiative that allows new artists to post original music. The rule goes that any music posted on a Saturday must either be a new release, completely original or something you yourself have created.

Tap into this initiative by posting your new creation on a subreddit at any time during a Saturday. Reddit becomes a go-to for music lovers who are searching for original music — just like yours! Reddit and SoundCloud work hand in hand to create publicity for new artists like you. The two platforms come together nicely on Reddit as you can see below:

Original music feeds this page on a weekly basis, so visit Reddit’s SoundCloud section now and get started on building your fan base. If you have a budget for promoting your music, consider purchasing Reddit’s sponsored links. By doing so Reddit will increase the visibility of your music and you’ll get more plays on SoundCloud.

6. Leverage YouTube and Facebook for More Exposure.

We've already discussed Facebook exposure for your music, I know. But there's another powerful way to leverage Facebook and that's through YouTube. In many ways, YouTube is more of a social platform than any other. Why? Because studies show that videos get more shares, comments, and likes than any other form of online content.

What does this mean for you?

Yep, you guessed it; MUSIC VIDEO! I know it sounds daunting, expensive and time-consuming. But creating a music video for that new track you just created will take your SoundCloud exposure to the next level! YouTube is the base where your music video will be hosted. Facebook will be the tool you use to give that music video exposure. The two make a potent combination if utilized properly.

Drum & Bass and Dance Music artists often create plain videos that are nothing more than slideshows of beautiful art, gorgeous girls or landscapes. These can seem tacky and cheap, but they do work well with long mixes that exceed 15 minutes.

If you don't have the budget to create an amazing video, use your imagination and come up with some other ideas. Here's some inspiration to get you started:

- Animate a video instead of filming one. Animation costs less and there are countless graphic design students out there who would jump at the chance to make a video for you at a reasonable price.

- Outsource your video creation to a freelancing platform like UpWork or Fiverr. You can find competitive rates and great quality from video animators in third world countries.

- Learn to create your own videos at home. It's cheap, fun and if you do it often enough you'll get better at it with time.

Remember to always link your YouTube videos and your Facebook posts to your SoundCloud profile. The point here is to get people onto SoundCloud so your plays can gain momentum.

7. Promote Your Music on Twitter.

What are you trying to say with your music? Music has a strong cultural element. You can tap into that by creating a following on Twitter and associating it with your music.

If you follow other artists you already know how effective this can be. Fans want to get inside the heads of their favorite musicians and love to hear from them. Even your mildest fans will enjoy a tweet about your creative process or a recent collaboration.

8. Use Relevant Tags When Posting Your Music.

On SoundCloud, tagging is very important. The point of tagging is to help listeners find you. These are listeners who don't know you exist, but they like your type of music. It's crucial that you attach the kinds of tags listeners use to search for music.

Tags can range from genres to instruments. Put yourself in the shoes of a fan you want to reach. What kind of search terms will they use when looking for your type of music on SoundCloud?

  • - Guitar?
  • - Acoustic?
  • - Rock?
  • - Original?
  • -Alternative?

You should also add your artist or band name. You want to create awareness. People are looking for you right now, you just need to leave the right breadcrumb trail to help them find you. That's exactly what tags on SoundCloud are for.



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