8 Easy Ways to Increase Comments on Facebook l Alwaysviral

8 Easy Ways to Increase Comments on Facebook l Alwaysviral
8 Easy Ways to Increase Comments on Facebook l Alwaysviral

1. Add Text Effects.

You might have noticed that Facebook comments are now colorful (kind of). Certain words in comments appear in a different style. For instance, congrats is the most popular one on my timeline. Have you ever clicked on that congrats text? It triggers a cool animation.

The feature is similar to that in Facebook Messenger where if you send a heart or balloon, it triggers animations. However, on Facebook, these are not activated by emojis but by text and Facebook rightly calls them Text Delight.

All you need to do to activate them is to enter the supporting words/phrases in comments. Here is the list of some of the Facebook Text Delight words -

  • Best Wishes
  • Congrats or Congratulations
  • You’re the best
  • Bff or bffs
  • Xo or XOXO
  • Wonderful time
  • You got this

2. Ask for authentic input.

Asking followers to comment for no real reason is a no-no, but posts that ask for comments for authentic reasons, such as asking for advice, recommendations, help, or tips, will not be penalized. It’s fine to ask customers to share their best tips for using your products, for example, or how they think your products or services could be improved. 

3. Timing is Everything.

Afternoons and evenings are the best time to post. In the mornings, when young people are at school and the rest of us are just settling into our workday, we’re less likely to be scanning our Facebook feeds. As the day progresses and the post-lunch fatigue sinks it, people are more likely to start engaging with Facebook. After 5 pm, things really pick up – this is Prime Time on Facebook too!

And don’t forget to post on weekends! Lots of users out there are glued to their screens on the weekends and have plenty of time on their days off to read your posts, respond with comments, share and like. (For this reason, the weekend is an ideal time to post something a little longer…)

4. Keep It Short and Sweet.

  For the most part, you want to keep your posts short and sweet. People rarely have the attention span to read long, text-heavy posts. That being said, very long posts from time to time can spark conversations and debates that lead to higher engagement and sharing.

On a daily basis, stick to short comments, but don’t be afraid to post a long comment every now and then. These longer comments can help get a more meaningful conversation started. Choose your topic wisely and try to encourage friendly debate and discussion.

5. Post in the mornings and evenings.

Several studies conducted have revealed that these are the times that people are the most likely to check their Facebook, most probably upon arrival at the office before the start of a new day or after dinner and a shower.

Of course, common sense tells you too that posting in the middle of the night is unlikely to get you far as your posts would have been pushed down the newsfeed by other posts when morning comes.

6. Add Reaction.

You know those situations where you don’t want to reply to a comment yet want to acknowledge it? Thankfully, similar to posts, you can add reactions to comments as well. Usually, Facebook supports six emoji reactions but they keep adding new ones for a limited time.

To react to a comment, hover your mouse over the Like button or long-tap the Like button (if you are using the mobile app). Then select the emoji that you want to use.

7. Enable Comment Ranking.

Do you frequently use the Public setting for your Facebook posts? You are going to love this tip. If you get a lot of comments on your public posts, Facebook tries to make things easy for you with the Comment Ranking setting. Buried under the Facebook settings, the Comment Ranking setting, when turned on, puts the most relevant comments on top.

To enable comment ranking from the website, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Facebook website and click the small down arrow present at the top. Select Settings.

Step 2: Click Public Posts present on the left side. 

Step 3: Hit the Edit button next to the Comment Ranking. Click the drop-down button under Comment Ranking and select On. 

8. Involve the larger team.

Your core team of folks assigned to manage and monitor the comments on your Facebook page should be able to handle the day-to-day demands of the job. But there will always be times when comments have the potential to get out of hand and become unmanageable for this core group. In these situations, you should have extra folks on your staff that are trained and able to jump in as backup when needed.

Usually, these situations should not come as too much of a surprise. That breaking news story broke, the campaign won or failed, a big decision was made, etc. You should be able to see the comments come flooding in from the horizon line. At these times, an extra set of helping hands should be prepared and ready to go.

The worst-case scenario is that the spike in comments was unexpected, and your team will need to be as ready as possible and jump into action. This brings us to the next point.


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