8 Effective Ways to Get More Comments on Instagram l Alwaysviral

8 Effective Ways to Get More Comments on Instagram l Alwaysviral

1. Choose Peak Posting Times.

Instagram’s algorithm may not show content in chronological order anymore, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to what time and day you’re posting.

Posts that are uploaded at peak posting times will get significantly more engagement than those that aren’t, both immediately and long-term. I ran the numbers on my own recently and found that posts uploaded at peak posting times had about a 250% increase in engagement than those uploaded in non-peak hours.

That surge of engagement will keep your post towards the top of users’ feeds, increasing its visibility and lifespan and helping you to get more comments. If you connect your Instagram business profile to Agorapulse, you’ll be able to schedule your posts for publication directly from the desktop and be informed of the best times for you to post to your followers. You can even set up content to repeat multiple times by setting a frequency of days for it to auto-post from your publish queue.

2. Host a Giveaway or Contest.

A fun and easy way to get followers to comment on your Instagram posts are by hosting an Instagram contest or giveaway. You could post on Instagram promoting the contest, then ask users to enter by commenting on your post. You could make your contest a weeklong campaign, where users have to comment each day. You could even incorporate user-generated content (UGC) and ask followers to post their own photos and to tag/mention your brand in the post.

3. Reply to Comments.

One foolproof way to get more comments is to make the most of what you’ve already got on your posts. Reply to the comments that other users have left. Not only will this up the comment count (people won’t automatically see that half the replies are from you), this can generate more discussion. And more discussion means more comments.

Overwhelmed with the overall engagement? Use Agorapulse to monitor, manage, and reply to all comments that are happening on your Instagram account (and your other social profiles, too). You’ll never miss an opportunity to generate more conversation with users who are already engaging with your content. 

4.Run an Instagram Contest.

Instagram contests are a surefire way to get more comments on Instagram. While you can’t require that people tag their friends to be entered into the contest (because it violates Instagram’s contest guidelines), you can require that people comment on your post to participate.

Give your contest a boost in visibility with a mix of industry-relevant hashtags and contest-specific hashtags like #giveaway #holidaycontest and #instacontest

5. Promote Your Instagram Posts.

If you need to gather social proof and you want more comments on a particular post, the Promote Post option is a pretty good one. It will send your post skyrocketing into greater visibility, and the more people who see your posts, the more likely you are to get comments on them.

Promoting your posts can be done quickly on Instagram as long as you have a business account. Each post will the blue “Promote” button available when viewing it. Then you can choose if you want to send people to your profile or site, or reach people near a certain location. Either can help you get more comments. 

6. Make Your Post too Cute Not to Comment on.

This is a program of user-generated content (UGC).  It works at getting comments because it engages the cuteness overload reflex, which is to gush about how stinkin’ cute something it (AKA comment).

A lot of the comments are people sharing the post with friends by @mentioning them.  Many of these are likely friends with young children who might become customers for Buzz Bear Studio, who sell these onesies.

7. Ask Questions with Text Overlay.

If you want your questions to trigger a stronger response, you should add them as overlay text to your Instagram post image instead of just writing it in the caption. Instagram is all about visuals. People mainly use it to look at beautiful images. This social network is designed to drive more attention towards the images in the posts too. Look at the above post from Summer for example. The image occupies most of the space while the caption occupies only a fraction.

Hence, if you want even more people to read the question and respond with comments, you should add it to the image itself. You can expand on this question and write a longer version of it in the caption.

Note: Only do this if adding the overlay text will improve the image and get you more comments. If the overlay text ruins the image, you should not add it.

8. Use relevant hashtags.

When you post your content with relevant, popular Instagram hashtags, your posts appear in searches for those hashtags and the Explore tab. In fact, posts with at least one hashtag typically attain more than 12% more engagement. Influencers and interested users might organically comment when they see you talking about topics they’re also interested in, or you could combine some of the strategies above to generate engagement.

Ask followers how they celebrated #SundayFunday, acknowledge a #ThrowbackThursday, or use one of the hundreds of hashtags relevant to your industry or your content to get new audience members involved in the conversation.


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