8 Foolproof Steps To Get Followers on Twitter For Free

8 Foolproof Steps To Get Followers on Twitter For Free

Here are Some Ways for Twitter Followers, that's Help You to Get More Followers on Twitter.

1. Add a Unique Image.

2. Tweet Timely.

3. Tweet Regularly.

4. Follow Those Who are Following Twitter Users in Your Niche.

5. Join a Twitter Chat.

6. Use Popular Hashtags For More Twitter Followers.

7. Avoid Too Much Branding or Promotion. 

8. Add a Location to Your Twitter Bio.


#1. Add a Unique Image.

Your profile image should be an image of yourself when possible; people like to know who they are talking to. If you’re managing the Twitter account for a brand where various people have access to the Twitter account, it’s good practice to tag individual tweets so people know who they are talking to.

You could go a step further and create a header image with the names & faces of those who use the account. If that isn’t an option you could link to an about page on your website which lists everyone – you could then link to individual Twitter accounts so people can get to know the people behind the brand.

#2. Tweet Timely.

If you’re looking to gain 100 new Twitter followers for free, it’s not enough to tweet great content, you have to tweet when people are reading it. This means tweeting based on when your audience is online.

Based on an analysis of 23 different studies collected together by CoSchedule, the best time to tweet is:

  • Best Day: Wednesday
  • Best Times: 12 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM, and 6 PM
  • Tips: Twitter users are 181% more likely to be on Twitter during their commute and B2B Twitter accounts get 16% more engagement during business hours while B2C gets 17% more engagement on weekends.

#3. Tweet Regularly.

According to research performed by Social Media Today, it has been discovered that the optimum number of times to tweet per day is now far higher than what was previously thought, with expert practitioners in the field suggesting a posting schedule of around 3-5 Tweets a day.

Furthermore, due to the ‘timeline’ nature of Twitter, not all of your audience will always see your Tweets due to the different times in which they access the platform. Reports show higher engagement levels on posts sent out in the evening, but by all means, conduct your own experiments and scatter your posts out across a varied timescale to see what works for you.

#4. Follow Those Who are Following Twitter Users in Your Niche.

People usually follow whom they find useful, interesting or helpful. If you find someone following a person in your niche that means the follower is interested in that particular niche. If you follow this person’s followers, they might follow you back. Now, this is not a 100% guarantee but it works most of the time. Find several top twitter users in your niche who has a huge number of followers and then follow them. You can either do this manually or use tweetadder to make it easier. Remember not to over-do this because mass following violates twitter TOS and they take this very seriously. I would suggest that you don’t follow/unfollow more than 250 users per day. There is no specific number and it all depends on the ratio of your following to followers count. However, it’s always good to stay under the Twitter radar.

#5. Join a Twitter Chat.

Twitter chats are an under-used resource in the world of recruitment, perhaps because they tend to require a consistent period of engagement over a timescale you can't move - if meetings are scheduled a Twitter chat is the first thing to go! They are hugely worthwhile though; learn and engage with experts and leaders in the recruitment world, showcase your own specialties, and connect with passive candidates during industry-specific chats.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas of hashtags to follow and interact with:

  • #RecHangout (recruiters' hangout)
  • #WorkTrends
  • #Tchat (talent chat)

Once you've started to build up a following, you could always start your own hashtag or Twitter chat too; you can follow Firefish's antics using #lovethefish.

#6. Use Popular Hashtags For More Twitter Followers.

What’s is a hashtag? A hashtag is a word or phrase attached to a “#” that categorizes a post, making it easier to find (Ex: #socialmedia). You want to figure out which hashtags are popular for your specific brand and use them in your Tweets to attract more new followers.

#7. Avoid Too Much Branding or Promotion. 

Twitter is a powerful tool when used correctly, too much promotion can hamper your presence on the platform and users are likely to confuse you as spammers. Be careful about a number of tweets and DM’s that you send to your target audiences.

#8. Add a Location to Your Twitter Bio.

Especially if your brand is geographically constrained to a particular neighborhood or city. You might be surprised at how engaged local influencers are. Whether they’re journalists, small businesses or local celebrities, you definitely want these people on board.


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