8 Freaky Ways to Get FB Likes That You Haven't Thought Of

8 Freaky Ways to Get FB Likes That You Haven't Thought Of

1. Analyze Your Top 10.

Go into your Facebook page Insights and rank your content by likes, comments, and shares. This is the fastest way to see what’s resonating with Facebook users. Seek out patterns. Are they mostly photos? If so, what subject do they have in common? What about conditional sharing? What can you learn from the comments in these updates? You get the idea.

2. Post Awesome Content.

When you understand what’s been working on your page, you’ll do it more! But how can you go beyond what has worked?

Ask yourself:

  • Would I share this with my friends?
  • What gets people talking?
  • What trending in your cause?
  • What are competing nonprofits posting on Facebook?
  • How can we be useful or even indispensable to our community?

The bottom line is that content is king on Facebook. Take full responsibility for yours!

3. Use Strong Images Regularly.

Use strong images that are professional, crisp, interesting, and relevant. For instance, if you sell clothing, make sure you include the items you sell in the image, make the images look professional, and portray the items in a captivating way by, for example, instructing the model wearing your product to pose in a way that makes the clothing appealing.

You want to include images to all of your Facebook page posts because users are more attracted to images, which are more captivating than plain text. The more posts you captivate users with, the more likely you’ll receive page likes.

4. Connect with Other Pages.

Follow pages with niches similar to yours. For example, if you’re a photographer, engage with other photography pages by liking and commenting on their posts through your Facebook page account. However, be careful not to leave irrelevant comments that may be misread as spam, such as commenting with an overflow of hashtags or links.

Engaging with other pages increases your exposure, as well as communicates to Facebook what your page is all about, making Facebook more likely to suggest your page to users who already follow pages similar to yours.

5. Tag Yourself in Your Photos.

This tip is so easy that you will be hitting yourself for not doing it sooner. Tag yourself in every single photo & photo post in which it makes sense to use your name. It’s not redundant. It’s smart and here’s why: Assuming your content is good and shareable, it is going to show up on the newsfeed of others. When someone shares it, your fan page will be linked in the “shared” section as well as in the image your fan shared.

Rachel Zoe does this extremely well. I shared a photo of her adorable romper to my page. Because she tagged herself in the description of the photo, there are now two ways for people to like her fan page. My friends can now go directly to Rachel Zoe’s page by hovering over her brand name in my action point (Stephanie Frasco shared Rachel Zoe Collection’s photo) or by hovering over her brand name in the actual description of the photo.

6. Invite Friends and Family to Like Facebook Page.

The first ambassador for your Facebook page is your friends and family so share Page with them. The first round of Likes is hard to get, but If could flow proper message to your friends and family it won’t be that hard.

Facebook has the option to invite friends option on your Facebook page. You can invite all your Facebook friends to like your page to Increase Facebook page like but It is better to select a handful of friends you think would be most interested rather than blasting the invitation to all.

7. Optimize Targeting.

Admins with Facebook Pages over 100 fans can target updates based on as gender, relationship status, educational status, age, location, language, interests and Post End Date.

o target your posts organically, make sure you’ve selected “Allow targeting and privacy options when I create posts on my Page.” within your Page settings. Once that’s selected, you will see the targeting icon appear at the bottom left of the publisher.

This means that updates that pertain to fans in a specific location, or a certain age group won’t be hidden by fans outside of that segment. And on the flip side, a higher percentage of those reached by these targeted updates will like, comment on, and share them.

8. Include a “Like” Button on Your Website.

Customers that visit your website are a great audience to target for Facebook page likes, as they are already interested in your business. By installing the Like Button plugin to your website, users browsing your products or reading your blog (if you have one) can easily and non-intrusively like your page.


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