8 things I did to get 8K+ Followers on LinkedIn!

8 things I did to get 8K+ Followers on LinkedIn!

The secret to engaging your audience is to make it all about them. Avoid excessive self-praise, and provide your followers with relevant, interesting, valuable information.

LinkedIn is no exception to the rule. To earn more followers on LinkedIn, you must provide your audience with valuable information that will help them do business.

Having a beautifully structured profile is very important. Start with a profile picture with a lovely background image. Try not to include selfie pictures or vacation pictures as nobody is going to take you seriously. A professional picture can bring you a long way on LinkedIn or any social network for that matter.

Kate Endres, the Senior Social Media Marketing Specialist at Blue Fountain Media, highlights the significance of posting content that isn't overly promotional and provides value to readers: "LinkedIn's presence in terms of social media marketing is continuing to improve, and with such a tailored audience, it is important for companies to focus on the audience LinkedIn provides in order to reach businesses that might be interested in working with them. It's a business platform, and as a result, it's the obvious choice for B2B companies to incorporate into their marketing efforts. A common mistake that I see when companies are trying to grow their LinkedIn company page is sharing overly promotional content rather than sharing content and news that is relevant to the industry they're in. By posting relevant content, a company may establish themselves as a thought leader in the space, giving users (and hopefully the target audience) a reason to visit the page. Remember, if the content posted is strictly promoting a product or service, wouldn't a user simply visit the company's website?" 

An appropriate description provides a clear image of your business and products or services you’re selling and thus increases your chances to be found by clients. Select the right keywords to accurately demonstrate what you're dealing with. Pay attention to correct spelling and avoid the overuse of acronyms. Tell people what problems you solve and what makes your service unique.

A decent amount of followers not only increases your “views” potential but also creates a positive image and representation of your company. First of all, ask your employees to join LinkedIn (if they have not already done so) and encourage them to specify their current workplace. Once they are listed as employees of your firm, they will automatically start following you. And if you have the fortune to have employees who are active in group discussions on LinkedIn, they can benefit you by getting more eyes on your content and creating valuable audiences for your business.

During the process of focusing on acquiring new prospective clients and actual clients, you may lose sight of the fact that you have other extremely rich resources at your fingertips. Not only is your staff talented and experienced but they may also have some amazing connections (friends, family, colleagues outside of your business) that you can leverage.

If you consider the fact that social media can only be successful if you have flourishing relationships with other people, it makes perfect sense that you will need to follow other people and like their LinkedIn page if you expect (or hope) them to like yours. Relationships are only successful if they work on both sides. Otherwise, they are not relationships at all. You can start with your first-tier connections on LinkedIn. Start to follow them and then work on your second-tier connections. Also, you should follow your clients and prospective clients.

When the workday is busy, posting your insights on LinkedIn can easily be overlooked. Jennifer Vickery, President at National Strategies Public Relations, explains that scheduling time during the day to post is critical: Put a reminder on your calendar (so that it acts as your administrative assistant) reminding you to check in with LinkedIn, add new connections, etc. Don't be afraid to Like, say congrats, or other interactions. Many people know LinkedIn is for business purposes so they often skip the interactive part and leave that to other social media platforms. Interactive professionally, however, is a great organic key to consistently growing your connection base and staying in the mind of your customer audience."

LinkedIn's publishing platform enables you to post long-form content within LinkedIn itself. It's a great way to promote yourself, your thoughts and your profile - in the current business landscape, content is the king, whether you talk about making your brand stand out in the crowd or you're looking to create a unique presence for your personal profile.

LinkedIn publishing gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts, showcase your industry knowledge and let people know more about yourself and what you offer.

It was after getting a few thousands of views on my initial posts on LinkedIn, and the subsequent response from readers, that I realized how powerful LinkedIn can be for brand-building.


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