8 Tips to Get More Spotify Plays l Alwaysviral

8 Tips to Get More Spotify Plays l Alwaysviral

1. Use an Album Cover that Stands Out.

Social media is very reflective of visual media. Every image that represents your music should look professional. That mean no grainy selfies. This is not amateur hour.  It’s a clear fact that you are judged by every piece of media that you put on the internet to represent your music brand. If the image is horrible, no one will take you seriously.  Many musicians still don’t understand that it’s not the music that initially hooks an audience. It’s actually a high-quality image design that grabs their attention. The music simply won’t ever get played if the image doesn’t wow your audience.  Industry pros like Apple, Rhapsody, Amazon, Spotify etc. do not favor those with low-quality products. Hence, you need o to upgrade your game to get a decent response. After all, as a new artist...

2. Get Playlisted.

Getting your music featured on Spotify playlists can be difficult. The main playlists are controlled by the editorial team at Spotify or the major labels but there is no reason you can’t submit your music to some independent Spotify curators and work your way up that way. Click here to find a list of five independent Spotify playlists curators and find out how to submit your music to them.

Some curators accept playlist submissions via the Soundplate website. Check out the Spotify playlist submission system on their website. Others use SubmitHub to accept new music and some are happy to receive email submissions.

Pro Tip: The Spotify editorial team that curate the main playlists on the platform pay attention to the ‘buzz’ around a track, if your music is being featured on Blogs or on independent playlists you are much more likely to be added to the big playlists.

3. Add a "Follow" Button On Your Website.

If you have a blog or any page on other social media, place the Follow button widget so that it easy for visitors to follow you on Spotify with a click of a button. You can also embed a playlist to your website next to your follow button, too!

If you don't have a blog or any social media page to promote your music, I would recommend you to ask for help from the professional who is an expert on delivering real followers from all around the world.

4. Make Your Album Look Exceptional.

Here, it’s about the visual quality of the album, it should look professional, not amateurish, especially when it’s your very first one. As a fact, initially it's not the music that the audience gets hooked to, rather it’s the high-quality design that grabs their attention for once, and then your music has a chance to be liked or not. Biggies like Apple, Rhapsody, Amazon, Spotify etc. do not favor those with low-quality products. Hence, you need o to upgrade your game to get a decent response.

5. Consistency.

Maintaining consistency is huge on every platform right now. Your marketing music in a very crowded social sphere. There are 30 million songs already on Spotify and more loading every day. If you want to make a mark on any of these platforms, you must load consistently.  This means that you may need to hold back a little music so that you have something new to launch in the time between Albums. Taking on this strategy on all platforms improves your visibility. The trick here is to unfold your art on a slow basis; release your music one by one rather than rolling it out all at once. This keeps the audience interested and more like to subscribe. Plus it give us a chance to help you circulate your launch and prep for the next release.  Anticipation always grows numbers. It’s a fact!

6. Get on Social Platforms. 

You must be present on social media more often. Networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr or any other can work cohesively as a promotional tool but you’ve got to be on it interacting with people in order to get any kind of traction on your pages. According to the research, streaming platforms are more inclined to support those who have a sound social presence. They can tell when you share your music from Spotify to other social media pages and they can especially tell when others do. This is why A.V.A Live Radio’s social media team takes care to physically go to your Spotify link and share it out while we are campaigning for you. We know that Spotify can see it and after all, we have 5 twitter accounts totally a reach of more than 5 million. That can serve as a major push when you are trying to get noticed. 

7. Create Online Networking.

Present your best attempt and create a niche for your brand. Any genre has a defined target audience and to reach the right ones, you need to pick the most suitable look that can lead to the desired exposure. So many user-driven blogs are there, which are solely dependent upon emails from the artists or record labels in order to maintain their brand by updating with the latest music. You as an artist have to create an email list and contact them to engage and build a genuine connection with every small blog you come in contact with and don’t forget to not spam any of them.

8. Go Beyond Your Online Existence.

Your audience must have something to hold in their hands so that they know about your work and more importantly identify it only by its name. In short, merchandise yourself for the listeners, go out in public and get some real exposure, which will surely improve for virtual existence.



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