Facebook Sharing Secrets: Highly Effective Ways to Increase Facebook Post Shares

Facebook Sharing Secrets: Highly Effective Ways to Increase Facebook Post Shares

You’ve developed a social media strategy, built a fan base for your company’s Facebook page, and promoted your online presence in your marketing materials, too. So, how do you motivate people to share more of your Facebook activity?

Here are 8 simple ways to get your fans to share more content from your Facebook page.

1. Choose Your Image Wisely.

Viral posts are almost always an eye-catching image—something people will see and share in a matter of seconds. Funny memes that convey your thematic objectives are always a good choice.

If your boss is comfortable with them, pictures with shock value are extremely popular. Pictures that are funny or cute will do well, but in order to go viral, you will want to have something totally outside the box, and possibly a little edgy. Just make sure it fits in with your business.

2. Strike During Peak Sharing Time. 

According to Facebook user-engagement research by Buddy Media, publishing your posts between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. (when most of your fans aren’t accessing Facebook at work) is a key factor in increasing “shares.” The same research also indicates that fan comments, “likes,” and sharing activity is 8 percent higher on Wednesdays than it is on another day of the week.

3. Elicit a Strong Reaction.

Appeals to emotion are usually an efficient way to get people fired up and willing to take action by sharing your post. I was managing a Facebook account for a background check company, and we posted a mugshot of a sex offender who had been caught in the act by his victim’s father and given a doozy of a shiner. This post appeals to our demographic on multiple levels:

  •  It has a strong family element, which illustrates a father’s protective instincts.
  •  It’s a great revenge story—the absolute worst kind of criminal getting what he deserves.
  •  It’s a true story.

This was a good strategy that fit the leanings of our demographic. For most businesses, it wouldn’t be appropriate to post a picture of a beat-up sex offender, but you can use similar techniques and adapt this strategy to content that makes sense for your business or organization.

4. Find Viral Facebook Content!

Every day, content is going viral on Facebook – even in your niche! How do you track it down? Post Planner makes it fast and easy to find PROVEN content. Search Post Planner for content by niche, keyword, or your favorite social media accounts. Look for the star ratings to see which posts have been most viral.

You can easily pick the items that you like best, and schedule them right in Post Planner. Or, use the viral posts to inspire your own unique content. Original content performs best! You can look within the “Quotes” category on the left. Use the viral quotes on your own images.

Give it a try and see how it boosts your social media engagement! You can get started for as little as $36 for an entire year. And it’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

5. Take the Focus off Yourself. 

Facebook users share posts for the same reasons they’ll discuss something they read, learned, or heard about in face-to-face interaction: It moved them emotionally or had personal relevance. Don’t simply share an image, article, quote, blog post, or update; ask what people think. When fans comment, nurture the interaction with a response. Beyond the importance of having two-way communication with your Facebook fans and uncovering invaluable insight into what makes them “tick,” fan interaction by way of “likes,” comments, clicks on links and images, and “shares” is critical to staying relevant. Facebook’s algorithm (EdgeRank) bases the content users see in their news feeds on such interactivity with pages and friends. If they’re not interacting with your page, most of your posts will soon “drop off” their feeds. 

6. Ask People to Share Your Content.

The first step is admitting you need help. It sounds like such an obvious no-brainer, but it really does make a difference. Make a point of asking for social shares, and you’ll be more likely to get them.

For example, some sites use a pop-up that says "If you liked this post, share it on Facebook!" It's a gentle reminder to (social) share the love.

7. Create a Connection.

In an age of seemingly diminishing face-to-face contact and interaction, creating a connection with your customers in any way possible - including via Facebook - is extremely important. One of the best ways to foster a connection with users online is to showcase your company's charitable efforts. A recent New York Times study found that 84% of people share content they come across online that allows them to be supportive of specific charities and causes. For example, creating a post that brings awareness to the fight against heart disease can help create a personal connection with Facebook users who may then share your post to build further awareness. Not only will this allow users to show their support for the cause, but it will also promote the company to more and more people online.

8. Make Great Content People Want to Share.

OK, this may be a cop-out tip but again, it needs to be said. People share content that they like — content that teaches them something new shows them something amazing or gives them goosebumps. Great content gets shared. Bad content does not. So put in the effort.


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