Facebook Followers: Follow These Tricks & Get Lot of Followers on Facebook

Facebook Followers: Follow These Tricks & Get Lot of Followers on Facebook

1. Use Hashtags in Your Facebook Posts.

Think of hashtags as the connective tissue that holds the whole body of social media conversations together. When you use them, you’re essentially connecting your posts to other relevant posts to create a clear, easy pathway to your page. Don’t go crazy with using hashtags, though – limit each post to a few or you might turn off readers. Try tools like Hashatit, Hashtagify, and Keyhole.

Instead of using industry-specific hashtags all the time,   consider using some top-recurring hashtags for certain days of the week, like #motivationmonday, #throwbackthursday, and #sundayfunday.

Take a page from CreditRepair.com’s book:  When the brand recognized social media’s obsession with motivational quotes, it took  #motivationmonday to a new level by creating a custom quote graphic from Apple legend Steve Jobs. The company also added its logo to the graphic to boost brand recognition.

2. Fill up Your Facebook Page.

Set up your Facebook page and fill in all the pertinent information. I also recommend creating an Instagram page at the same time since you can receive a lot of collateral benefits on Instagram from your activities on Facebook. For example, one of the pages that I’ve created on Facebook reached the 250,000 follower mark and the Instagram page reached 30,000 followers in that same time with almost no additional effort.

3. Invite People to Like Your Page.

The easiest way to increase Facebook followers is by inviting people to like your page. Once you start creating ads for your store, Facebook will occasionally send you notifications asking you to invite people to like your page. I found that typically if I ran engagement ads, I’d get a higher number of people that I could invite to like the page. However, even though I manually invited people, I eventually got temporarily blocked by Facebook. So you need to pace the number of people you invite at a time. Also, if you do get temporarily blocked, Facebook might still send notifications telling you to invite people. But you still won’t be able to invite anyone. Wait a day or two before trying to invite more people. You can also invite friends and family to like your page. However, keep in mind that it’s better to have a small, targeted audience than to have a big, broad one, as it could limit the effectiveness of your future ads.

4. Download the Facebook Follow Button.

You can make it easy for Facebook users to connect with your page by downloading and installing the Facebook Follow Button. It takes the guesswork out of connecting to your page, showing them upfront that you have a Facebook presence and eliminating the user’s need to search for your brand on his/her own. When Facebook users want to follow you, all they need to do is click on the Facebook Follow Button.

It takes only two steps to configure and install the button on your site. Just add your Facebook account URL, customize the design of your button, and you’re ready to go!

5. Add a Facebook Likes Pop-Up.

Some online stores ask for emails upon exit intent. However, if your main objective is to increase Facebook likes instead of emails, you can create a Facebook-like pop-up instead. OptinMonster is a popular pop-up tool that allows you to gain new leads and can be repurposed to fuel Facebook likes, as well. You can also choose to set a timer so that after a person has been on your website for a certain number of seconds, the pop-up appears. Avoid adding too many pop-ups to your website, as they can be overwhelming on mobile devices and cause people to exit faster. So if you add this pop-up to your website, make sure it’s the only one.

6. Host Contests and Giveaways on Facebook.

Let’s be honest: everyone loves free stuff — it is a great strategy to increase followers on Facebook, especially if you’re a retailer. By hosting a contest or giveaway for one of your upcoming products or product lines, you can attract more Facebook users and potential customers. If you don’t sell items, try partnering with companies that do for a one-two punch.

Cookware company Williams Sonoma saw an opportunity to gain some engagement and activity by promoting the Feast Portland food festival. To garner attention for its brand, the company hosted a contest to win tickets to a popular food festival and a 10-piece set of its cookware.

7. Engage Your Audience.

You’ll now want to find out what your audience is engaging with. Go to pages that speak to your target audience and study the posts they are putting up. Find out which ones are getting the most likes and shares. Then create a posting calendar for your page and emulate those posts. For instance, if you notice that people engage with cute images of dogs (which they do) at a high rate, then you’ll want to source as many of these posts as you can. They may also engage with training tips (which they do), so you’ll also want to work posts in about that topic as well.

On average you’ll want to post at a minimum of 4 to 6 times per day. And spend a few days populating your page with posts before you start any type of promotion. That way the page looks like it’s been around for a while. You have a higher chance of people following your page if they see some history.

8. Try Out Facebook Live.

Some of the most viral videos have been Facebook Live videos. If you’re building a niche store, your Facebook Live might be more about general niche tips. However, if you’ve just added new items to your store and have ordered samples, you can showcase a first look at the products on Facebook Live. You can increase Facebook followers by telling your customers and followers that you do a live stream every Tuesday, for example. All Facebook Live videos get shown on the Facebook Live Map, so the more viewers on your live stream the higher you’ll show up on the feed. Thus, potentially increasing Facebook likes.


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