Get 1000 Free Youtube Views : Proven Tricks To Increase Views

Get 1000 Free Youtube Views : Proven Tricks To Increase Views

1. Focus on Quality.

No one wants to watch lame videos. Make sure you’re making a video you and your friends would want to watch before spending effort and money promoting it. The better the video, the easier it will be to get seen.

2. Optimize Your Title and Description.

Creating new videos requires plenty of care when before it ever gets to the eyes of your viewers. Three of the most important factors you have to optimize include your title, description, and tags. If you want to pull in more traffic, you have to do two things with your title. You have to manage to both make it catchy and include the keywords you’re trying to rank for towards the front of the title.

Your description should follow a similar format. Include a brief blurb explaining what your video is about while including crucial keywords scattered throughout. When writing your description and title avoid “keyword stuffing” a trend where you try to use multiple variations of a keyword over and over with little to no context. Multiple penalties can arise from keyword stuffing.

Tags are words or phrases that mark your video upload. For example, if your video is about cats, you may want to use tags like animals and pets.

3. Create Playlists to Keep People Watching.

YouTube’s own statistics show that “top-performing brands on YouTube build and promote twice as many playlists as the bottom 25%.”

Why do playlists work so well?

It takes an effort to pull your attention away from videos you’re enjoying when they just keep playing. In fact, there’s a cognitive bias at work called ‘loss aversion.’ Loss aversion states that the pain of losing something is twice as bad as the pleasure received from gaining something equivalent.

For example, loss aversion suggests that people will work twice as hard to keep$100, as they will to gain $100. Auto-play uses loss aversion to reframe the situation.

The question is no longer, “Do you want to watch another video enough to actively click play?” Now, the question is, “Do you want to stop watching enough to actively click away?”

It’s subtle but powerful, and if your content is good, viewers will often keep watching. Also, playlists can help improve search rankings, as playlist titles are another opportunity to target keywords. The easiest way to create a YouTube playlist is to navigate to each video you’d like to add and click the ‘+’ icon underneath the video.

Then you can create a new playlist or add it to an existing playlist. To get more views on YouTube, create a playlist of your best content and start promoting it today!

4. Annotations Across Videos.

You know those little text bubbles that you see popping up on people’s videos with text that says things like “Thumbs Up!” or “Subscribe!”? Those are called YouTube annotations and they are a fantastic way to increase your video views. Through annotations you can link from one video to another, as well as to playlists of your videos, your channel and more, compelling your viewers to watch more of your videos.

Annotations are a great way to point your viewers in the direction of watching your other videos, in order to drive up your view count across your entire channel. Find out more in our post, How To Use YouTube Annotations To Maximize Your Subscribers, Views & Overall YouTube Success and check out annotations in action in the video below. We created a collection of viral video compilations and used annotations to link every single video together, to entice viewers to watch not just one video, but all of the videos in the collection.

5. Create Valuable Video Contents.

The first and foremost technique is to create great video content. Content in the video is the most essential factor in deciding the number of views it will get. We promote quality contents while writing blog posts, articles or SEO copywriting. Quality of content helps you rank better. By the same token, quality contents should be a priority while creating videos as well.  Like I mentioned earlier, you should create such contents that provide an exceptional level of value. In simple words, the content that you create must be of great use to your viewers.

Not to mention, your content should either educate or entertain your viewers. Does both? Great. If your content is successful in keeping your viewers engaged than getting more views would be a breeze.

Furthermore, good content results in better behavioral analytics. Hence, YouTube’s algorithm will recognize and reward your video with better organic search positioning.

6. Take Advantage of Keywords in Video Titles and Descriptions.

Using the right keywords can really help you with getting on top of the YouTube search page. In fact, this is one of the most important things every YouTuber needs to do to ensure the popularity of their videos.

This starts by doing proper keyword research, which requires using certain tools. There are dozens of superb keyword research tools out there, but most of them require a paid subscription. The good news is that you can use Google Keyword Planner without paying!

You need to find the keywords that are related to your channel’s niche. They need to be very popular among users. This means that you should focus on those that have a lot of monthly searches. Our advice is to stick to those of minimum 1000 searches per month!

But, that’s not the only factor that you should take into consideration. You also need to make sure that the competition for those keywords is low by searching for them on YouTube! Otherwise, you won’t be able to beat your rivals.

Once you’re done with the keyword research, it’s time to put them in the titles and descriptions of your videos!

A keyword-rich title will allow YouTube algorithms to find the video easier, but will also help potential viewers to realize if that’s what they’re looking for. Basically, optimizing the titles with keywords means informing both the search engine and the users what your video is all about!

The whole point of titles is to be descriptive, yet concise. That’s not the case with video descriptions. You can use them to provide additional information about your videos and engage the users to comment and/or check out other videos on your channel. Of course, writing a video description is another great way to influence the search engine algorithms into putting it on the top of the results page.

7. Appropriate Descriptions, Titles, and Tags.

Among hundreds and thousands of videos on YouTube making yours stand out is quite a task. Therefore, using an appropriate description is as important as creating great contents. Video descriptions help your viewers and the search engine understand what exactly your video is all about. Consequently, it will help in increasing the click-through-rate and thus the views. With this in mind, you should focus on providing your video with high quality and keyword rich descriptions.

Furthermore, you should also search for the best title for your video. It should not just be appealing but also short, engaging and to the point. However, it can be difficult to remain generic but still stand out in the crowd. In this case, using the right key phrase shall do the trick.

Another key point is to use the best tags for your video. Like description and title, tags help users to analyze what to expect from your video. Thus, for the tags, simply provide the keywords that are relevant to the topic of your video. Remember, the right tags in the right amount will help your video appear in the ‘suggested videos’ section.

8. Buy YouTube Views.

Money talks and one of its languages is buying views. While many consider this method shady, it’s undeniably been one of the most popular ways to get more views on YouTube and going viral. Celebrities and big companies have been known to do it, so why can’t you?

There are thousands of different websites and companies that sell YouTube Views, but the cold hard fact is, most of them use bots or other cheap methods of acquiring fake views (the ones you need to avoid). There are a handful of companies, some of which are noticeably better than others, which actually promote your videos to real people through websites and social media channels.

9. Create Custom Thumbnails for All of Your Videos.

Custom thumbnails take minutes (even seconds once you have a template set up!) to create. And they can make a world of difference to your success on YouTube.

That’s because the random thumbnail you get is boring, sometimes unflattering, and rarely eye-catching. But a colorful and well-designed thumbnail will attract people’s attention and will help your videos stand out in a list:

Plus, as I mentioned before, they’re very easy to create. You just need a free tool like Canva or Cello; choose YouTube Thumbnails from the list of formats to get started: You’ll find a large selection of different templates and styles to help you get started. All you have to do is customize the thumbnail to your liking.

Make sure it’s in line with your branding in terms of the colors used and try to use eye-catching design elements and colors. And, of course, don’t forget to include some text that tells the viewer what the video is about.


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