Simple Tricks To Get 10X More Facebook Post Shares And Likes

Simple Tricks To Get 10X More Facebook Post Shares And Likes

Here are Some Tips for Facebook Post Shares, that's Help You to Get More Shares on Facebook Post.

1. Post Updates Regularly.

2. Elicit a Strong Reaction.

3. Play: Quizzes, Polls, Puzzles.

4. Step Up Your Photo Game.

5. Thank sharers!

6. Boost Only Those Posts Getting Early Engagement.

7. Include a Call to Action.

8. Get Personal: Show Them Your Face.


1. Post Updates Regularly.

Much to the dismay of bosses everywhere, over 29% of Americans use Facebook during work hours every single day. (That's more than other social media networks and even Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.) 

In fact, Facebook's highest traffic usually occurs mid-week between 1 to 3 pm which tells us two things -- 1) Almost everyone hits that after lunch productivity slump than we think and 2) people are always looking for new content on their newsfeeds.   Posting every hour or so is excessive, but you should give your buyer personas something to entertain (or distract) themselves with every day. They want it. 

2. Elicit a Strong Reaction.

Appeals to emotion are usually an efficient way to get people fired up and willing to take action by sharing your post. I was managing a Facebook account for a background check company, and we posted a mugshot of a sex offender who had been caught in the act by his victim’s father and given a doozy of a shiner. This post appeals to our demographic on multiple levels:

  •  It has a strong family element, which illustrates a father’s protective instincts.
  •  It’s a great revenge story—the absolute worst kind of criminal getting what he deserves.
  •  It’s a true story.

This was a good strategy that fit the leanings of our demographic. For most businesses, it wouldn’t be appropriate to post a picture of a beat-up sex offender, but you can use similar techniques and adapt this strategy to content that makes sense for your business or organization.

3. Play: Quizzes, Polls, Puzzles.

People love to share their opinions and participate in different quizzes and polls. Ask your audience to vote with “Like” and “Heart” like in this facebook post to define what they like or prefer. It’s always interesting to see what others think about this as well, so you can expect them to return to your post again and again.

Have some fun and have them solve math or word puzzles. People will participate in the comments and share their suggestions. It’s important to respond to each comment (if needed) and guide the discussion. TVC Mall received 696 comments for an apple-banana puzzle!

4. Step Up Your Photo Game.

Visual content totally kills it on Facebook–plain and simple. Photos make up the overwhelming majority of content on the platform, signaling that people would much rather engage with a visual than a link or wall of text. So if you want to improve Facebook engagement, get visual.

However, the type of images you post make a massive difference in terms of performance. Many budding businesses make the mistake of relying on stock photos or images pulled from elsewhere rather than creating their own content.

Instead, brands should strive to show the personality behind their business. There’s a reason why photos “in the wild” are so popular from big brands, as are stories from employees. After all, it’s the social network, not the stock photo network.

Also, keep in mind that images can be powerful tools to encourage serial scrollers to stop in their tracks and look at your posts. Images containing striking colors and stunning landscapes typically do well, as evidenced by brands like GoPro who kill it with their photo content.

5. Thank Sharers! 

Clicking on the number of shares brings up a window with all Public or friend shares. If available, click Like or comment on their post via your personal profile. If shared by a Page, you can Like and comment as your Page. By increasing their engagement, you’ll help the share get more visibility, and encourage them to share again in the future.

  • You can also upload the image to your website and include the link for people to pin to Pinterest in a comment.
  • But don’t only post graphics and photos. Keep it interesting by mixing in links, videos, questions, and text updates on your Fan Page.

6. Boost Only Those Posts Getting Early Engagement. 

“When boosting posts, don’t boost everything, and don’t boost before posts have gotten noticeable engagement,” says Nathan-Garner. “Audiences are more likely to engage if they see others have already ‘liked,’ commented on or shared a post.”

She warns that you may end up wasting money by prematurely boosting a post that doesn’t resonate with people. “No matter how good you think a post is, it’s sometimes not what your audience wants,” says Nathan-Garner, “and sometimes the post you don’t expect to boost ends up being the one everyone loves.”

7. Include a Call to Action.

Invite your friends, subscribers, fans and their friends along with visitors to your page to share your posts with their friends, subscribers, and fans. Simple calls to action such as “Click like if you agree” often work well, so long as the preceding statement/question is relevant. Asking people to add their comments is good too. But, it’s the Share that will likely create the greatest exposure for your page/profile.

This image of 3-D sidewalk art posted by Gallery 2166 simply says, “Dare you not to share this. It’s too amazing.” Yep – 11,449 Facebook users have shared the image so far! (Thanks Jamie Burnett for the link to the image).

8. Get Personal: Show Them Your Face.

Try to be more personal. Show them your office or the place where you work. Share your plans and intentions. If you are an offline store – let your online audience get to know your staff and evoke the desire for them to come in and meet them for real. You need to become friends with your followers and be open to get real engagement.


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