Get Comments on Instagram Pictures

Get Comments on Instagram Pictures

1. Post High-Quality Content.

In this case, I mean both technically and creatively high quality. On a technical level, you need to make sure the camera you’re using takes good images, your focus and lighting are on point, and you’re using the right dimensions for an image to display properly. A lot of people claim a phone camera is enough, but I tend to think it barely suffices. A decent DSLR will go a long way.

On a creative level, you want to keep an eye on framing and use of color, avoid the basic over-used filters, and think about the story that your image is going to tell. Photography is an art for a reason, and you need to either practice that art or hire someone who does.

2. Ask for More Comments in Your Caption.

Calls to action have always had a good effect on Instagram updates. You can add something like ‘Please comment’ or ‘Leave a comment’ to your captions. If you don’t want to ask for comments directly, you can ask questions from your followers instead.

For example look at this post from Sumome. Instead of directly asking followers to comment, they just asked this question: ‘What do you choose?’, as the overlay text on the post picture mentions the two options people have when they wake up every day.

3. Post At The Right Times.

There are a bunch of different third-party apps that provide Instagram analytics. You can start by using common knowledge resources, like this post, to give you time to start. Then use analytics to look into when your audience is actually most active, and start adjusting your post times to match.

You want to post when users are active so they see your content right up front. If you post earlier, fresher content will drive down your visibility. If you post later, you’ll miss the people who already logged off. You have to find that sweet spot in the middle. Remember, no one timing will work for everyone. You need to keep your audience in mind, including things like work hours, time zones, and usage habits.

4. Ask Questions with Text Overly on Your Photo.

If you want to ask a question to trigger a response, you should add an interesting question as overlay text to your Instagram post image instead of writing it in your caption.

Instagram is all about pictures. So, People mainly use it to look at quality pictures. This platform is created to drive more attention towards the photos of the posts too. Look at the above post from Summer for instance. The picture occupies most of the space while the caption holds only a portion.

5. Use Hashtags.

What separates Instagram from other social media platforms is the unique way the platform allows users to employ hashtags. Instagram is the first platform that made full use of hashtags. You should pay close attention to using them in the right way.

Follow the trending hashtags on a daily basis, which will give you an idea about how to shape your own tags and make your content more visible. If the tags you used are viral, more people will see your content, and your chances of boosting the comments will increase significantly. Be smart about using tags and never use more than two words in the same tag – separate each word with a tag for maximum reach.

6. Reply to Comments.

One foolproof way to get more comments is to make the most of what you’ve already got on your posts. Reply to the comments that other users have left. Not only will this up the comment count (people won’t automatically see that half the replies are from you), this can generate more discussion. And more discussion means more comments.

Overwhelmed with the overall engagement? Use Agorapulse to monitor, manage, and reply to all comments that are happening on your Instagram account (and your other social profiles, too). You’ll never miss an opportunity to generate more conversation with users who are already engaging with your content.

7. Geotag Relevant Images.

Geographic hashtags are highly useful to reach a specific audience located in a specific area. The trouble is, you need to make sure your images are relevant to the location.

You can’t just post a picture of a pair of shoes and tag then as #Paris just because you can ship your product to France. On the other hand, if you take a photo a cute model wearing your shoes while visiting the Eiffel Tower, the #Paris tag makes a lot more sense. It’s even better if you can use less over-used geographic tags, with potentially more active audiences with more local hometown pride. I can’t help you too much here; you just need to know your operating areas and your customer density.

8. Post Consistently.

Posting on a consistent schedule is incredibly helpful for building an engaged audience. If a user can be assured of seeing your content every day, they’re more likely to take notice and follow you if they like that content.

You need to avoid posting too frequently, or else some users are going to unfollow or block you because you’re dominating their feeds. No more than three times a day is my recommendation, though even that can be pushing it for smaller brands.

On the other hand, you need to post at least once per day, or else you’re too inconsistent to be worth following. People check Instagram on a daily basis, so give them something interesting to look at each time they check.


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