Facebook Engagement in 2019: Get Guaranteed Likes & Comments on Facebook Posts!

Facebook Engagement in 2019: Get Guaranteed Likes & Comments on Facebook Posts!


Tips #1: Create Shareable Content.

Content is good but shareable content… Now that’s golden. Shareable content is so important because it is great content. It is so good that people don’t want to just give it alike, they want to share it on their page to their friends whom they trust. The content your fans share becomes a part of their identity. It gives insight into who they are and what they like. And most importantly, it shows their support for you.

Shareable content increases likes, because it puts your brand and your name in front of more people. Specifically, it puts your brand in front of people that aren’t currently your fan. Hopefully, if the message resonates with these people you are going to gain likes and fans all at once.

Tips #2: Ask for Authentic Input. 

Asking followers to comment for no real reason is a no-no, but posts that ask for comments for authentic reasons, such as asking for advice, recommendations, help, or tips, will not be penalized. It’s fine to ask customers to share their best tips for using your products, for example, or how they think your products or services could be improved.

Tips #3: Tag Your Friends.

This is an unethical way of getting likes for your personal stuff. Tagging your friends definitely increase likes for your pictures and status. Let me explain this by simple math. Let’s assume that, you are uploading a photo on your account with 1000 friends. Then those 1000 friends got notified that you added a new photo. Suppose if you tag 50 friends (I think the tag is limited to 50), then their friends also see your photo. So if those 50 friends have 1000 friends each, then your photo is seen by 50×1000=50000 or even more people. So you are more likely to get hundreds of likes. Note that, this will work only if your profile status is set to be public and your friends are willing to be tagged.

Tips #4: Engage Your Audience.

Have you ever been on a date with someone who spent the entire time talking about how great they are? They probably didn’t get a second date. When running your social media, think about behaving as you would on a date. Your goal is to engage your audience. You want them to respond, so start conversations that others will enjoy participating in. Don’t self-promote the entire time.

Engagement is more important than ever on Facebook. One great way to encourage engagement is to ask questions, as Wayfair did with the image above. According to Kissmetrics, “question” posts receive 100% more comments than non-question posts. Ask a trivia question or use a fill-in-the-blank technique. Here’s a list of questions to get you started.

Also, it is imperative that you are responding to any questions on your Facebook page and posts. Not only does it show attentiveness to your customers and that you care about their experience, but it is also widely acknowledged that comments are now the most important engagement measurement in the Facebook algorithm.

Tips #5: Reply to Comments Quickly.

When it comes to social media algorithms, in addition to engagement, one of the biggest indicators of whether or not a piece of content will rise to the top of a feed is time (i.e. how recently that post was published). Because of this, quickly replying to comments left on your social media posts is important when it comes to how high it will index on the news feed in addition to how high or low the reach (number of impressions) will be. The more promptly you reply, the more likely that others will see the content.

In addition to increased reach, having more comments on your posts will also provide social proofing to others that your post is legitimate, making them that much more likely to comment themselves. I like to call this the "swimming pool principle": the more people who are in a swimming pool, the more likely others are to jump in. If no one is in the pool at a party, no one wants to be that weird person swimming alone.

Tips #6: Keep It Short and Sweet.

For the most part, you want to keep your posts short and sweet. People rarely have the attention span to read long, text-heavy posts. That being said, very long posts from time to time can spark conversations and debates that lead to higher engagement and sharing.

On a daily basis, stick to short comments, but don’t be afraid to post a long comment every now and then. These longer comments can help get a more meaningful conversation started. Choose your topic wisely and try to encourage friendly debate and discussion.

Tips #7: Timing is Everything.

Afternoons and evenings are the best time to post. In the mornings, when young people are at school and the rest of us are just settling into our workday, we’re less likely to be scanning our Facebook feeds. As the day progresses and the post-lunch fatigue sinks it, people are more likely to start engaging with Facebook. After 5 pm, things really pick up – this is Prime Time on Facebook too!

And don’t forget to post on weekends! Lots of users out there are glued to their screens on the weekends and have plenty of time on their days off to read your posts, respond with comments, share and like. (For this reason, the weekend is an ideal time to post something a little longer…)


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