Instagram Likes: To Get More Likes on Instagram do the Following Things

Instagram Likes: To Get More Likes on Instagram do the Following Things

1. Take High-Quality Photos.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do it. You don’t need a DSLR worth several thousand dollars to make a great Instagram post, but you should at least make sure your lighting is good and everything is in focus. I’d recommend at least a modern smartphone (like a newer iPhone or Galaxy) if you want to take some great-looking shots. Great photos are naturally more aesthetically pleasing - and that means more likes.

2. Hashtags.

Hashtags are huge pillars in the social world, helping boost your content to select audiences you want to reach and get likes on Instagram. Not too long ago, you could litter your caption with dozens of generic #picoftheday hashtags and reel in tons of likes, but Instagram is clamping down on spam and the algorithm is more developed than ever, meaning those strategies no longer work.

So what is the best strategy to use when hashtagging to get likes on Instagram? For an in-depth guide dedicated to Instagram best practice, check out our  All-In-One Guide To Instagram Hashtags ⭐️

  • Hashtag Research:

You’re going to want to find out the best hashtags available relating to your post, there are specific tools out them to help you find hashtags such as Hashtagify, RiteTag, and others. These tools are great to check the strength of a hashtag and other hashtags that are similar. Other methods we recommend is manually finding content from other accounts that are doing well, and check the hashtags they’re using. Trial and error are important, always try new hashtags and see how they perform for you. The best hashtags will drive engagement immediately and help you get likes on Instagram. Over time you’ll find yourself pooling together a list of the hashtags you find to be most effective, be sure to save this golden list in your notes somewhere and regularly update with new hashtags you find.

  • Shadowbanning

Imagine you spend hours creating the perfect piece of content, conjure up the wittiest caption, send it out to the world, only to be shadowbanned by Instagram for not following best practice with your hashtags! Instagram went on a cleaning spree this year, removing bot accounts, fake followers and even banning spammy hashtags. Using just one of these hashtags in your set post resulted in the post being ‘shadowbanned’ and hidden from hashtag searches, having a crippling effect on engagement. As of now, it’s not clear how Instagram decides on which hashtags are classified as ‘spam’, but there are tools online to check if your post has been shadowbanned by inputting the post URL. Ultimately you want to be careful with which hashtags you use, avoid using the same 30 on every post and make sure they are highly relevant to your content.

3. Photo tags.

Did you know tagging relevant accounts in your post has the potential to boost engagement? Whilst tags don’t function the same way hashtags do, they do serve a similar purpose: increasing reach. A top tip straight from Hopper HQ to get likes on Instagram is to tag your content with relevant accounts such as products or brands featured in the post, influencers in the space, or people you think would genuinely enjoy or be interested in the post. This will have a profound effect on how the Instagram algorithm views the relevancy of the content.  Tagging the post will increase the likelihood of it appearing on the Explore page of that tagged account's followers, increasing your overall reach, impressions, and potential for engagement!

As with hashtags, there is a risk of becoming spammy if you continually tag the same accounts in posts without a relevant reason. To avoid this, try tagging the user and then mentioning them in a comment as well to start a conversation. This will justify your reason for tagging them, as well as show you’re making an effort to genuinely engage rather than pulling off a quick-hack to get likes on Instagram.

4. Use a Consistent Filter.

Being consistent in your filtering scheme is one of the biggest keys to building your Instagram identity. It’s kind of having a theme, so pick one or two filters and stick to them. Consistency will make your photos recognizable on your follower's feed which increases recognition and that leads to more likes.

5. Host a Contest on Instagram.

Hosting a contest is often the most effective way to boost engagement and get new followers fast on any social network. Since Instagram has grown in popularity, it makes it one of the best social platforms to run a contest.

For best practices and tips on how to host a successful Instagram photo contest, click here. If you’re interested in hosting an Instagram campaign, here’s an example from a ShortStack user.

6. Instagram Engagement Groups.

For many users, Instagram Engagement Groups (or Pods) are a thing of mystery. However, engagement groups can be an amazing strategy to get likes on Instagram!

What is an Instagram engagement group?

In a nutshell, an Instagram engagement group is a group of users who agree to like and comment on each others’ posts when you’re published. Essentially they create a ‘like for like’ policy, but with genuine users and fellow business owners supporting one another’s marketing efforts, rather than spammy bots. They are a great tool to get likes on Instagram, especially if you’re just starting out.

Once a user uploads a post, they will share it with the engagement group via a large direct message, and all participants in the engagement group will immediately like and comment on the post. Your post can literally go from 0-100 likes in minutes (depending on the number of users in the engagement group). The fact users interact with the post immediately after it’s been posted also gives a big thumbs up to the Instagram algorithm, helping your content to get likes on Instagram faster – more on this in the next section!

7. Like other People’s Posts.

Make a habit of going through trending hashtags and Instagram feeds and like the posts that you particularly find interesting or relevant. You will be surprised to find that for every 50 likes you make you will get about 12 likes and 3 follows. This strategy has been proven to work and you will soon gain likes as well as followers.

In a nutshell, getting more likes on your Instagram does not have to be that stressful. With these tips and some creativity, you can increase the number of likes you get on your Instagram posts significantly.

8. Tag your location.

Tagging your location puts your business on the map. And, makes it dead simple for people to discover your photos and videos. Plus, users view posts more that are tagged with a location.

Here’s how simple it is:

  • Tap ‘Add Location’
  • Search for your location
  • Select it and post the photo or video

This becomes a clickable field for the user. Clicking on the location shows all photos and videos for that place. Your brand is now associated with this location, like a shop, hotel, or head office. Or, make it more general, for a city or town.


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