8 Things To Do For Getting 80K+ Followers on Your LinkedIn Page

8 Things To Do For Getting 80K+ Followers on Your LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn offers businesses and companies a great opportunity to increase corporate engagement. As many of you will know, LinkedIn is a great source of information for business professionals, a fantastic place to build and develop personal business networks and an invaluable way to share content, and interact, with like-minded peers, colleagues, prospects and customers.

But how do you go about building a following for your company page? Here are Some Ways for LinkedIn Followers, that's Help You to Get More Followers on LinkedIn Page.

#1. Create an Amazing LinkedIn Profile Picture.

Having a beautifully structured profile is very important. Start with a profile picture with a lovely background image. Try not to include selfie pictures or vacation pictures as nobody is going to take you seriously. A professional picture can bring you a long way on LinkedIn or any social network for that matter.

#2. Engage With Comments.

Pay attention to anyone who takes time out of their day to leave a comment on one of your posts or status updates. Like user comments and post replies to continue the discussion.

People who have commented will see a notification and that could drive further engagement, ideally leading them to share your post with their network.

#3. Add Company Page Link to Your Email Signature.

If you have the ability to tailor your email signature you can add the LinkedIn icon to your email signature which can then direct people to your company page. For my email signature, I direct people to my LinkedIn Profile and my Company Page with two separate icons.

#4. Use Your Other Social Media Accounts to Generate Traffic to Your Company LinkedIn Page.

You likely have at least one other form of social media. Why not use it to send your followers on that platform to your LinkedIn page to follow you? If they are following you on other accounts, then it means that they enjoy what you have to say. They are likely to follow you on LinkedIn if they are LinkedIn members.

#5. Add a LinkedIn Follow Company Plugin on Your Website.

By adding a LinkedIn plugin to your web page, you can prompt site visitors to further explore your company through your company page on LinkedIn. It’s an undemanding, non-sales-y way to encourage consumers to learn more about your company on a platform they’re (probably) already familiar with.

#6. Re-Share Your Highest Performing Content.

Sometimes, it may happen that you run out of content ideas, it would be a good idea to re-surface your old content. Due to soft social media algorithms, there is a chance that only 2–6% of your followers have only seen that post.

#7. Follow Other People in Return.

If you consider the fact that social media can only be successful if you have flourishing relationships with other people, it makes perfect sense that you will need to follow other people and like their LinkedIn page if you expect (or hope) them to like yours. Relationships are only successful if they work on both sides. Otherwise, they are not relationships at all. You can start with your first-tier connections on LinkedIn. Start to follow them and then work on your second-tier connections. Also, you should follow your clients and prospective clients.

#8. Join LinkedIn Groups or Create Your Own.

LinkedIn groups are a great way to share your company’s content with a wider audience. Posting to LinkedIn Groups is easy. Simply click the share button on your content and select post to groups. See screenshot below. Many group members elect to have updates sent directly to their inbox; this is a fantastic way to get exposure and boost the number of followers for your company.


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