How to Get Comments on Instagram Posts




1. Inspire Awe and Ask People How They Feel About It.

Instagram is a great platform to share your wonder for the beauty of the world.  If you get it right, others will react in your comment feed with awe and maybe tag their friends – the equivalent of nudging a friend in the ribs to look up and enjoy a double rainbow with you.

Here’s an example of someone feeling awe in the comments of this post: “Elizabeth, this is just the most beautiful, amazing thing! I feel like I could just watch it over and over! Thanks so much for introducing me to this unique flower and for sharing with me!?”

2. Provide Relevant and Quality content.

Creating quality content is simple to say, but how do you actually do it? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say, and the key to creating truly amazing content lies with your followers.

Take some time to analyze their profiles and habits. What are the age groups and interests of your demographic? You can use a service like MyEssaysLab if you need assistance with creating and editing interest-targeted content for your website or other blog property.

Creating content that caters to them and uses a style that they can recognize will go a long way in making your content relevant to them. Analyze the data every once in a while and keep track of your follower’s patterns – staying ahead of them is essential for always delivering quality content to them.

3. Post Photos of Animals.

There isn't a lot of research to back this one up, but you know as well as I do that animals on social media are powerful. Animals have been popular on the web for a long time, and animal influencers can earn just as much money as human influencers on Instagram, Whether you have animals in your office or a cute picture of a coworker's pet, try posting lighter, fun content on Instagram accompanied by a furry friend to see if your audience likes commenting on animals, too.

4. Post when Your Followers are on Instagram.

Know your best time to post. Your best time to post is when your followers are the most active on Instagram. And that’s when you’ll get the most engagement.

You can use the Preview app to see your personal best time to post. The app analyzes your Instagram account and tells you 4 things:

  • Your best time to post
  • Your best time to interact
  • Your best day to post
  • Your best day to interact

Use this information to grow your Instagram. For example, if you have a big announcement to make, post it at the best time, on the best day.

5. Post Videos.

Time spent viewing videos on Instagram increased by 40% in 2016, and now, users can post videos up to one minute in length. Post this engaging content to get followers to stop scrolling through their busy Instagram feeds and watch your video – and make sure it’s intriguing. Your audience wants more video content – especially on social media – so if you share something compelling and ask viewers to comment on it in the caption, they’ll most likely do it.

Create short videos for Instagram that tease longer videos on other platforms – like Facebook or YouTube – or post the longer video (up to 60 seconds).

6. Ask a Controversial Question.

This question is a double-whammy.  A lot of people tagged a friend in the comments as “that one friend who gets very excited about pumpkin spice”, while a lot of others answered the question in the description and got their real feelings about Pumpkin Spice off their chest.

7. Use Hashtags.

What separates Instagram from other social media platforms is the unique way the platform allows users to employ hashtags. Instagram is the first platform that made full use of hashtags. You should pay close attention to using them in the right way.

Follow the trending hashtags on a daily basis, which will give you an idea about how to shape your own tags and make your content more visible. If the tags you used are viral, more people will see your content, and your chances of boosting the comments will increase significantly. Be smart about using tags and never use more than two words in the same tag – separate each word with a tag for maximum reach.