How to Get More Plays on SoundCloud

How to Get More Plays on SoundCloud

1. Create a new Profile Picture for Each Album.

Your profile picture is a very important piece of information which is presented to everyone who finds you on SoundCloud. To keep interest in your account high, and to keep your band on ‘brand’, you need to change out your profile picture when you move on to a new project or album.

You may think that an image, whose ideal size is only 300 x 300 pixels, doesn’t matter for getting plays. You’d be wrong to think that. You can change out this image to look active after time away, bringing people back to your account who have been away. If it’s your first profile photo, make sure it’s professional enough to warrant attention.

2. Use Your Header Image to Highlight Recent Releases.

The header image is displayed at the top of your page. Using this huge digital space to push your latest album, rather than just being a bland photo of your band or yourself.

With new tracks from the album right there on his SoundCloud account, you can be sure he gets more SoundCloud plays for free as people get curious about the new album. He also changed out his old profile picture for the new one he’s using to hype this album.

 3. Find Active Youtube Channels.

What you’re going to do now is the start to gather contact information with a creative trick. Genres are a great area to start this! Say you make Future Bass music. Do the following on Youtube.

  1. Go on Youtube and type in “Future Bass Remix” in the search bar.
  2. After searching, Filter Results by Upload Date.
  3. You Now have a List of Active Promotional Channels on Youtube.

You could obviously repeat this process for any genre such as Trap, Electro House, Hybrid Trap, etc. Search your target genre and if the channel is worth submitting to, you’re most likely going to find their most recent video upload in the search results. 

4. Insightful Comments on Other Tracks.

With a little bit of effort, almost anything online can be social media: The key is to be social! Making insightful, and relevant, comments on other artist’s tracks can help you:

  • Get the attention of that artist. Maybe they’ll be your new tour mate!
  • Gain the attention of the fans of that artist. They will join your audience too!
  • Look like an expert in front of tastemakers. You may be the new artist they recommend!

The key is to make actual, useful, smart comments. People who make those throwaway ‘MY MUZIC TEH AWESOMEST!’ comments are ignored. No one likes those people!

5. Add a ‘Buy’ Link.

Getting listens and likes is nice. But likes and listens won’t buy you that new mic you’ve been eyeing. Add the right links: Buy on iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Bandcamp or whatever else you use to sell your music online. (If you have a pro account you can change the button text to anything you want.)

Change it to Stream on Spotify and link to get some extra streaming juice. Or write ‘Donate’ and link to a Patreon or a PayPal. You’ll be surprised how many super-fans out there will support your music.

6. Change URL/Username to ‘look official’.

SoundCloud has a problem with people creating accounts to look like their someone famous when they’re not. They steal a bit of someone else’s fame to get a few plays. Watch what happens when I search for Beyonce on SoundCloud and click on the People tab:

You best be careful when you mess with the Beyhive! None of these are official accounts associated with Beyonce in any way. They’re all tributes, or downright ripping her off. There is one official SoundCloud account for Beyonce though.

The key to figuring it out is right there in the URL: Whoever set up Bey’s SoundCloud purposely chose that URL to help fans know that it’s the official account. You need to do this for your fans as well.

7. Use Facebook to Promote a Track.

Facebook is your power tool for sharing music! Users get hooked on great music while scrolling through their feed. If you have a lot of friends on Facebook already, it’s time to start creating a musician page and turn those friends into fans.

A musician or band page on Facebook will allow you to share your tracks as you create them. you can then re-share your posts from the musician page onto your personal profile, and get clicks from your friends. Ultimately you want to grow your Facebook fan page a lot further than your group of friends. The quickest way to do this is through Facebook advertising. It’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s targeted at the right people.

When you create a Facebook ad, you’re basically promoting a post. In this case, that post is a track on SoundCloud. You can target your ad to reach people who are already following similar music genres to your own. It won’t be long before the likes start piling up. As they do, you’ll get more plays on SoundCloud. These plays will eventually generate more visibility on SoundCloud itself, exposing your music to more users.

8. Use the Right Tags When You Upload.

Tag spam is a big no-no. If your country band doesn’t sound anything like Shania Twain, don’t tag yourself as such. Creating tag spam is a big problem as it can turn fans off of your music when they could look for you in the future and find you at the right time.

The right kind of tags to use include:

  • The actual genre of the specific song being uploaded.
  • Any guest stars or featured artists.
  • Your producer.
  • Your record label.

Those four basics should be safe. Venturing outside of them could lead you to spam territory!


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