How to Increase Your Likes on Youtube

How to Increase Your Likes on Youtube

1. Ask People to Like the Video.

If asked directly most people who viewed your video (and who enjoyed it) will go on to like it too. They probably would have anyhow but this avoids the hiccups like them getting distracted and forgetting. You can do this in the comments, but it is more effective in with either a message on the screen or a polite voiceover.

Don’t forget to mention why you are asking for likes. You could mention it boosts your motivation, helps you to know what people like and want more of, or whatever feels right for you.

You could even take shortcuts and Buy Youtube Video Likes.

2. Load up Your Video Tags with Rich Keywords.

The more keywords you place into your videos, the more opportunities it creates for people to find your video. For example, if you a video about Peanuts, and you use only the keyword “peanuts”, then your video may appear when people search for that keyword.

But what if you inserted a network of related keywords like “nuts, cashews, groundnuts, protein foods, almonds”? Suddenly you open up a huge door that people can walk through to find your video. Be sure to use the “Tags” field properly and add as many tags as you can think off. This is one of the biggest mistakes we see people make.

3. Promote Your Videos Everywhere.

Getting more likes on YouTube requires active participation on the internet. There are many channels where you can do this, and the more you use the more YouTube likes you’ll get.

On YouTube:-

Yes, you should be promoting yourself directly on YouTube?


  • Video descriptions:
  • Cross-video promotion:
  • Optimized video titles:

On Your Blog:-

I hope you have a blog that relates to your video playlists. If not, you may want to start one. YouTube and blogging work great together.

Blogging gives you a platform to share your videos to readers who actively seek out articles. Surprise these readers with an embedded video within your blog. The video is hosted on YouTube, but your viewer can still give it a like directly from your blog.

On Social Media:-

Most social media platforms have become video friendly. Twitter and Instagram have especially promoted themselves as video friendly social media channels.

Leverage these channels to get more likes on your YouTube videos. Talk about your videos; post images about them; write about them. The more exposure you get on Twitter and Instagram, the more retweets and shares your posts will get. And more shares means more YouTube likes.

4. Reply to Comments.

One foolproof way to get more comments is to make the most of what you’ve already got on your posts. Reply to the comments that other users have left. Not only will this up the comment count (people won’t automatically see that half the replies are from you), this can generate more discussion. And more discussion means more comments.

Overwhelmed with the overall engagement? Use Agorapulse to monitor, manage, and reply to all comments that are happening on your Instagram account (and your other social profiles, too). You’ll never miss an opportunity to generate more conversation with users who are already engaging with your content.

5. Make Videos that are Personal.

Most popular YouTube videos have an emotional component. Emotion is what drives people to like, comment on and share your videos. But if you aren’t actively connecting with your audience, you’ll quickly lose them to other video footage.

Here are some ways to personalize your videos with more intent:-

- Studies have shown that videos (and images) that feature people are more likely to generate engagement.

Your videos may not be conducive to this rule, but if you can add people in your videos start doing so as soon as you create your next one.

- Get personal with your audience. If you have personally experienced something related to the topic you’re helping them with, tell them about your own experiences.

YouTubers respond to stories. If you have one, be sure to tell it.

- Hosting or narrating your own YouTube videos is magic for getting more likes. Viewers will respond to an active speaker—and who better to connect with them than you?

6. Boost Your Subscriber Figures.

It makes sense that the more people who follow your channel the more chance you have of getting views and likes. It’s not always easy to boost the number of subscribers but you can try the following ideas: ask viewers to subscribe, using the same reasoning as asking for likes; post regular content so people begin to look forward to new videos; spread the word via other social media channels. People need to know who and where you are to like or subscribe.

7. Buy YouTube Video Likes.

The word ‘viral’ is an important one if you’re on YouTube. Everyone is chasing that viral component, but most don’t know what it is or how works.

By its very nature, a viral video starts off popular and gains more views & likes because of its initial popularity. What you may not know is that you can jumpstart your popularity by buying YouTube video likes.

Are These Likes Real?

When you buy YouTube likes for your video you are getting real account holders to like your video. These users might also engage in your content, which is great for your up-and-coming popularity.

This is a great strategy if you’re just starting out on YouTube. It’s also a good idea to buy likes if your videos are good, but struggling to get exposure. Once you have a bunch of likes on your video, YouTube will actively start promoting your video to other viewers. So buy video likes and get the ball rolling.

8. Make the Most of YouTube.

Don’t simply post and run! Take the time to write a decent description of your new video, be an active commentator and liker of other people’s videos, and keep your channel nicely organized with playlists.

Sometimes it can take a while to start seeing the results of your effort, but don’t give up. A focused plan which you commit to delivering will eventually bring the rewards you are looking for.



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