Increase Your Comments on Instagram: 8 Simple Tactics You Can Try Today

Increase Your Comments on Instagram: 8 Simple Tactics You Can Try Today

1. Make Your Account Public.

Make sure new followers can find your content by opening your account. Navigate to your profile, tap the Settings gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, and toggle the Private Account button to the Off position.

2. Ask a Controversial Question.

This question is a double-whammy.  A lot of people tagged a friend in the comments as “that one friend who gets very excited about pumpkin spice”, while a lot of others answered the question in the description and got their real feelings about Pumpkin Spice off their chest.

3. Use Hashtags.

What separates Instagram from other social media platforms is the unique way the platform allows users to employ hashtags. Instagram is the first platform that made full use of hashtags. You should pay close attention to using them in the right way.

Follow the trending hashtags on a daily basis, which will give you an idea about how to shape your own tags and make your content more visible. If the tags you used are viral, more people will see your content, and your chances of boosting the comments will increase significantly.

Be smart about using tags and never use more than two words in the same tag – separate each word with a tag for maximum reach.

4. Host a Giveaway or Contest.

A fun and easy way to get followers to comment on your Instagram posts are by hosting an Instagram contest or giveaway. You could post on Instagram promoting the contest, then ask users to enter by commenting on your post. You could make your contest a weeklong campaign, where users have to comment each day. You could even incorporate user-generated content (UGC) and ask followers to post their own photos and to tag/mention your brand in the post.

5. Ask users to Engage in the Comments.

A simple way to get more Instagram comments is to ask for them. Post content on Instagram that lends itself to sharing, and asks users to answer a question or tag their friends and coworkers in the comments. It's a fun and easy way to interact with your audience, and it helps you garner more comments, too.

Here's an example of an Instagram post we shared in which we asked our followers a question. You can caption posts with simple questions like "Agree or disagree?" or "What's your advice?" to prompt responses and earn more comments.

6. Post videos.

Time spent viewing videos on Instagram increased 40% in 2016, and now, users can post videos up to one minute in length. Post this engaging content to get followers to stop scrolling through their busy Instagram feeds and watch your video -- and make sure it's intriguing. Your audience wants more video content -- especially on social media -- so if you share something compelling and ask viewers to comment on it in the caption, they'll most likely do it.

Create short videos for Instagram that tease longer videos on other platforms -- like Facebook or YouTube -- or post the longer video (up to 60 seconds).

7. Publish at the Right Time of Day.

There's a lot of debate over the best time of day to post on social media, and that's because the answer varies depending on your industry, your followers, and what type of content you're posting.

Our best advice is to test out your engagement rates on Instagram when you post at different times throughout the week and determine your publishing schedule based on the results. Whether it's bright and early on Monday morning or later in the afternoon, try to figure out the time when your followers are more willing to stop and leave a comment to maximize the engagement of your posts each day. Use a social media content calendar to track scheduling and results.

8. Make it Relevant.

When you combine all of the tricks we’ve mentioned in this post, you should hyperfocus on one most important thing – creating relevant content. If you post content that your followers don’t care about, you will fail to generate comments and risk losing their attention (and follow) altogether.

Take every opportunity to interact with your followers. Ask them why they are following you and what would they like to see in the future. The best ideas can come from unexpected sources because these people have a different perspective on your page. Listen to them closely — your page activity and follower count will grow exponentially.


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