Increase Your Followers on Spotify Playlist - A Musicians Guide 2019

Increase Your Followers  on Spotify Playlist - A Musicians Guide 2019

Recently, music streaming officially surpassed MP3 revenue and streaming is now king. My readers frequently ask me how to get followers on Spotify and how to get on Spotify playlists?  What follows is the approach that I use for promoting music on Spotify and my best tips. I’ve been doing music sales for record labels and artists for 15 years, and it has been my responsibility to get placement on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and others. I’ve taken notice of how artists are promoting on Spotify and if you do what is mentioned in this post, you’ll be way ahead of other bands and musicians.

1. Link to Spotify on Social Media.

Just like your link to your website and other social media platforms on social media, you should link to Spotify as well. Not only should you put this in the about section, but also post on Facebook and Twitter with a link to your Spotify playlist asking fans to follow you. Releasing a new single or album that is now available on Spotify or has been added to a playlist? Be sure to post that as well.

2. Don’t Put in Too Many Songs.

In making your playlist, don’t put in too many songs. Having a playlist with too many songs isn’t as appealing as having a playlist with a fewer number of songs. Range it in 25-40 songs.

Think like a DJ when putting in songs. Assess what song should go first and what song should follow it. Arrange it to have good transitions from one song to the next. You can also update it weekly and add new songs to the top of the list. That way, it can still be relevant and up to date.

3. Embed Your Playlist on Your Own Website.

Right-click the title of your playlist on Spotify and select: “Copy Embed Code”. Paste that code into your next blog post on into the sidebar of your website. This will bring more visibility to your playlist and encourage people to follow you on Spotify. You can also use the official Spotify widgets to create follow buttons for your website.

4. Don’t Change Your Playlist Name.

We see curators changing their playlist according to what's going on at that time, for example changing the list name to “Ultra 2018” and then a month later to “Coachella”. This will probably help you get new followers, but most of those followers will stop listening to your playlist as soon as you change the name to something else.

Imaging you start following a playlist which is called “Ultra 2018” and you listen to it regularly, but at some point, you don’t see that playlist in your account anymore because the name changed. You might see a “Coachella” list but you’ve never followed it, the changes that you will actually start listening to it will be quite small.

5. Add a ‘Follow’ Button on Your Website.

 If you log into Spotify for Artists, click on ‘Tools’ to access the Follow button widget. Placing this code on your website will create a button that makes it easy for visitors to follow you on Spotify with a click of a button.

You can also embed a playlist to your website next to your follow button. Create a playlist with all of your music, your best songs or maybe the latest releases on top. This gives visitors a clue that you’re on Spotify so they may be more likely to follow you. The only drawback with using Spotify as your website music player is they need a Spotify account to listen. Ideally, for your website, you want to use an audio player like Bandcamp or SoundCloud so visitors can easily listen to your music.

6. Remind Your Followers.

Don’t annoy them every time, but keep spreading out the work you want others to view once. Send reminders for your existing followers on all your social channels and engage more contact of your friends. Ask them to like or leave comments on the links your share, this automatically ensures more views if not shares. So, it’s going to benefit you anyhow.

7. Update Your Playlists. 

Update your playlists frequently to keep the music fresh. It's a good idea to include your new additions at the top of the playlist as well. Most curators we spoke to agreed that songs should be added a few at a time--not renewing all songs at once. Of course, this depends on the theme. If it's the 'Best Indie tracks of the last 30 days" then renewing them all once a month makes perfect sense.

8. Collaborate with Other Playlist Curators.

Collaborate with popular playlist-makers such as Filter, Indiemono, Streaming Promotions, and Playlist Pump.

Create a playlist that’s mutually beneficial; with the help of these platforms, it could rank highly on Spotify searches. Send in a proposition along with your playlist idea via email or through the websites. Remember to advertise yourself as a curator who can work professionally and within a deadline.


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