Soundcloud Engagement : 8 Best Resources for Getting Soundcloud Comments in 2019

Soundcloud Engagement : 8 Best Resources for Getting Soundcloud Comments in 2019

1. Add Them All!

Out of the 5 tips,s this one is by far the most important – adding people! As soon as I started adding people on my Soundcloud I instantly gained fans, met fellow musicians, got my music shared etc. The trick is not to add them randomly but in trying to add musicians with apparent similar tastes. If you do Dubstep add people that make it and so on.

The same as producing  with VSTs. I often go to the VST company playlists I use and, besides adding them, I also add some of the people that added them. This way I will make sure that they all like and make the same music genre that I do and potentially like my work.

One thing that I have recently started doing is to message, through the Soundcloud email, people that share a lot of music – referred to “Soundcloud & Youtube promoters”. These people usually have a fan base and they are often looking for new musicians to share their music. This way you will be able to reach their fan base and bring it to yours while networking. I often also add people from their fan base.

2. Don’t be Shy, Share it Everywhere!

This one really is a no-brainer. Just share it! A very good tip is to add a lot of Soundcloud groups that are related to your genre and every time you release a new track share it in all of them. I would also suggest you do the same on Facebook groups related to the genre and post your Soundcloud link on them; the same applies to online forums, twitter, etc.

3. Tagging for Success.

How can new fans find your music? Well, one of the best ways is to tag your music. Tagging makes you discoverable when a listener is searching SoundCloud. The better your tags, the easier you are to find. The best way to tag is, to be honest. If you made a drum & bass track, then set the main genre to Drum & Bass. Add moods and a location to your tags as well. It all helps.

Stick to one main genre to keep things clear. Adding a bunch of genres won’t make your track any more findable. The more concise and accurate your tags are, the more easily your music will get discovered by the listeners that wanna hear it most.

4. Add a ‘Buy’ Link.

Getting listens and likes is nice. But likes and listens won’t buy you that new mic you’ve been eyeing.  Luckily SoundCloud lets you add a ‘Buy’ link to your track upload. Just click on the ‘Metadata’ tab when you’re uploading. Add the right links: Buy on iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Bandcamp or whatever else you use to sell your music online.

Change it to Stream on Spotify and link to get some extra streaming juice. Or write ‘Donate’ and link to a Patreon or a PayPal. You’ll be surprised how many super-fans out there will support your music.

5. Tell A Story With Your Waveform.

SoundCloud allows fans to comment on your waveform. But y’know who else should be commenting on the waveform? YOU! Use the waveform comments to tell your fans and community about your process. Be transparent about how you made your track. Ask for feedback and mention specific sections.

For example: If you’re not sure about a section of your track, comment on the waveform where the part starts. Something like: “Not sure about the bass here. Let me know what you think” is the perfect play for getting feedback from your community. You don’t have to be completely done a track to publish it either. Publish drafts, get feedback, and make your music better.

6. Choose a Nice Picture!

Believe it or not, the picture has a huge impact on people’s perspectives of you, and definitely in making you stand out. Let’s be honest, I don’t know about women but how many of us (men) have already clicked on a Facebook or Soundcloud female profile and were curious about who she is, or how her music sounds like simply because of her (good) looks? It’s a fact that image matters and so having an eye-catching picture can always help!

Don’t get me wrong, by this I don’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money on doing photo shoots or in buying fancy clothes. However, choosing the right logo, font, design, color effect, etc, for your Soundcloud picture/playlist will not only catch the eye of your ideal audience but also gives the listener a hint of what genre your music is. Allowing them to learn what it is about, and most importantly, how serious and professional you are about your work.

There is no doubt that being taken seriously will help you out in getting that gig, that contract, job etc. You can either ask a friend of yours to take a nice picture of you or simply use an image editing software like Photoshop to create a Logo or a personal signature.

7. Publishing is Just the First Step.

Your track is finally done. You worked long and hard on it. You’re finally happy with how it sounds and you think it’s ready for the world. So you click share and sit back waiting for those plays. It’s a hit! The track gets some nice buzz and people seem to be liking it!

But a couple days later you realize that your song needs a minor tweak… Maybe someone you admire commented and told you a hot tip on how to boost the bass.


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