Simple Tricks to Attract More LinkedIn Page Followers l Alwaysviral

 Simple Tricks to Attract More LinkedIn Page Followers l Alwaysviral

1. Develop a One Line Promise to Your Followers.

Unlike the early days of social media, people are much more discerning about the companies they will follow online. It is therefore essential that you inform potential followers what they can expect from following your page. Consider what topics and news you will curate for your followers.

Here’s Think Bespoke’s promise:
‘For LinkedIn tips and insights to assist your career and business, please follow Think Bespoke’s LinkedIn Company Page’.

Your promise should inform the content you post. And please remember to post content from other sources, not just your own. This is a fundamental rule of content marketing and a step often missed by organizations keen to get there message out there on LinkedIn. The goal is to add value to your followers and remain top of mind and a source of useful information in their newsfeed.

2. Request that the person follows you.

As you are mentally going over what you can do to increase the number of followers of your LinkedIn page, you may easily skip over the most obvious (and simplest). The way to start the process of getting people to opt into your LinkedIn page is by sharing your page with your first-tier connections. You can accomplish that by simply asking them to like your page. You will be surprised at how many people will agree to do that. 

3. Write about what you know best.

I like to research and write about topics that interest me. Sometimes, these articles attract a lot of attention and engagement from readers. But I’ve discovered a pattern in my writing: Whenever I write about a topic I am deeply familiar with–topics I can write about without having to dip into other sources and quote experts or cite research– the article flows more quickly and easily during the writing and editing process. And it’s these articles that tend to attract the most reader engagement, as measured by comments, likes, and social shares.

Even when I do write an article that I’ve researched thoroughly, I still try to tie the results from the research back to something I know about from personal experience. I add my own personal comments about what the research means for me.

4. Post regularly.

There’s enough literature telling us how we need to find our perfect times to publish content on Facebook. Did you know that the rule applies to LinkedIn as well?


The more you publish, the more your followers get to see you while scrolling down the timeline. But, there’s still one persistent question – how much content is enough content? It’s a science of course - a science you excel at by quintessential hit-and-trial method and constantly analyzing your ‘analytics’. However, while you want to publish enough content to keep your followers engaged, you also don’t want them to think of you as spammers!

5. Write from the heart.

This is my personal advice - whatever you write for LinkedIn, write from the heart.

My most successful posts have been the ones that were centered around the common problems that almost every one of us faces in our professional lives. For example, a post I wrote about Minions - the movie became an instant hit and has garnered more than 10k likes and hundreds of comments.

In the same way, writing on unconventional topics - the ones that no one likes to talk about - can help create interest within your community. There’s no prescriptive playbook, but these are the areas I’ve focused on when building my presence. They may help you develop your own LinkedIn strategy.

6. Create and maintain your tone.

On social media, people know of you by what you show them. Show them the humanity behind the brand, post faces at work, faces having fun, faces which help netizens relate to your company in a more humane way.

And with each post, narrate a story. Don’t just throw up a link and give a statement. Maintain the same voice throughout different social media platforms. How you talk on your blog, Facebook and Twitter should reflect on your LinkedIn page as well.

Be consistent and gain the confidence of your audience. And, believe me, it isn’t hard. After all, your brand is who you are – a friendly and supportive person who is out there to solve some problems or meet some needs of your consumers.

Follow these 3 tips consistently for 3 months and I look forward to hearing how they worked for you. Do let me know if you have a tip that can help the team at BoostNet deliver better results.

7. Follow other people in return.

If you consider the fact that social media can only be successful if you have flourishing relationships with other people, it makes perfect sense that you will need to follow other people and like their LinkedIn page if you expect (or hope) them to like yours. Relationships are only successful if they work on both sides. Otherwise, they are not relationships at all. You can start with your first-tier connections on LinkedIn. Start to follow them and then work on your second-tier connections. Also, you should follow your clients and prospective clients. 

8. Promote Your LinkedIn URL on Other Social Channels.

Chances are, whatever social media platform you use most often gives you space for a bio. Using that bio to its fullest potential could be a connection-driving machine when you encourage viewers to connect on LinkedIn, especially if you have a significant following on that platform.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to promote your LinkedIn profile by posting the link in a status update, tweet, pin, video, photo, etc. This is another great way to take advantage of your presence on other platforms. Just be sure to claim your vanity URL. Also, while not a social channel, don't forget the simplicity of adding your LinkedIn profile link to your email signature.




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