Simple Ways to Get More Shares on Facebook l Alwaysviral

Simple Ways to Get More Shares on Facebook  l Alwaysviral
Simple Ways to Get More Shares on Facebook  l Alwaysviral

1. Find viral Facebook content!

Every day, content is going viral on Facebook – even in your niche! How do you track it down? Post Planner makes it fast and easy to find PROVEN content.

Search Post Planner for content by niche, keyword, or your favorite social media accounts. Look for the star ratings to see which posts have been most viral. Hint: Find more 5-star content by expanding the search from week to a month.

You can easily pick the items that you like best, and schedule them right in Post Planner. Or, use the viral posts to inspire your own unique content. Original content performs best! You can look within the “Quotes” category on the left. Use the viral quotes on your own images.

2. Keep the narrative short.

A study by Buddy Media showed that posts 80 characters or less in length receive 27% higher engagement rates. Considering how much content flies by fast in the new moving Ticker at the top right of your Facebook home page, and also in the News Feed, it makes sense that a shorter post will catch Facebook users’ attention quicker.

A fun example is this post by my friend Melonie Dodaro with a cute puppy and teddy bear, which got over 1,700 shares. Melonie shared this on her personal profile – with 4,816 friends and 718 subscribers. Note the narrative Melonie included: “How adorable is this?! Go ahead and share it.” This one example, in fact, makes use of the first four out of my seven tips here: it’s a (cute) photo, the narrative is short, it’s not written in the first person, and there’s a call to action to share it.

3. Keep the first person to a minimum.

Even though I’m a big fan of writing in the first person whenever possible, as it creates more warmth and connection with your audience, in order to increase your shares on Facebook, you might want to experiment with keeping the wording more generic. Write in a way that could sound like it was coming from others. As with Melonie’s example above “How adorable is this?!” could be said by anyone.

You can always use the first person in your comments when responding to bring in the more personal touch.

Here’s a cute image I created using Snagit to illustrate one of my favorite Steve Jobs’ quotes: “You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” The upbeat narrative I included was, “A special thought for the day!! A good reminder to just GO for it. (Probably still a good idea to wear clothes though, hehee!).” 105 shares from my personal profile.

4. People Disagree with the Post.

To share a post, the reader needs to like, be inspired by, or agree with the content. You can see this with political Facebook posts. You may see a lot of comments, but relatively few likes and shares. While comments play a role in how many people see the post, it’s a much smaller role than a “like” or “share”. “Shareable” content is content that others see themselves posting and so they quickly move to the share button.

5. Boost only those posts getting early engagement.

“When boosting posts, don't boost everything, and don’t boost before posts have gotten noticeable engagement,” says Nathan-Garner. “Audiences are more likely to engage if they see others have already ‘liked,’ commented on or shared a post.” She warns that you may end up wasting money by prematurely boosting a post that doesn't resonate with people.

“No matter how good you think a post is, it's sometimes not what your audience wants,” says Nathan-Garner, “and sometimes the post you don’t expect to boost ends up being the one everyone loves.”

6. Think Social, Be Inclusive and STOP SELLING.

Content marketing is a lot like a first date – if you do nothing but talk about yourself the whole time, there won’t be a second date. To have success on social media, you have to be social and give engagement to get it back. Use inclusive language in your updates and write posts that create conversations, rather than read like a monologue. Ask questions, ask for feedback, ask for suggestions. No one goes on social media to be sold to, so avoid the common Facebook marketing mistake of feeling pressure to be overly promotional with your content.

The businesses that see the greatest financial return on their Facebook efforts are the ones that foster a solid relationship with their audience that builds over time and naturally converts them from followers to customers.

7. Include a call to action.

Invite your friends, subscribers, fans and their friends along with visitors to your page to share your posts with their friends, subscribers, and fans. Simple calls to action such as “Click like if you agree” often work well, so long as the preceding statement/question is relevant. Asking people to add their comments is good too. But, it’s the Share that will likely create the greatest exposure for your page/profile.

This image of 3-D sidewalk art posted by Gallery 2166 simply says, “Dare you not to share this. It’s too amazing.” Yep – 11,449 Facebook users have shared the image so far! (Thanks Jamie Burnett for the link to the image).

8. Add captions for your Facebook videos.

You have probably been in this situation before: you are in a waiting room or public transport, and you have no earphones. You are going through your Facebook News Feed, and a video you are interested in appears. Problem: there is no caption displayed on the video. You try to understand what is being said or shown, but you can’t comprehend anything. Adding subtitles to your video will enable anyone to see and understand it without having to listen to it. It also shows that you know your audience’s behavior and that you care for them. In addition, Facebook has said that adding subtitles increase the viewing time by 12%, which could help you raise your engagement rate.



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