The 2019 Ultimate Guide to Increase Youtube Likes

The 2019 Ultimate Guide to Increase Youtube Likes

1. Create Quality Content.

First and foremost, you must create content that is likable to help gain likes. You can't simply post a commercial and expect people to give it the thumbs up. Create content that draws viewers in, entertains or educates them. Answer questions, solve common problems or give valuable information. Offer free industry tips to gain viewer trust and loyalty - for example, if you're running an exterminating business, make videos on bug-proofing the home or identifying a pest problem. The more informative, entertaining and helpful your videos are, the more likely viewers are to like them.

2. Create a Smashing Thumbnails.

Thumbnails, along with your video title, act as mini-marketing posters for your content on YouTube. You should always create custom poster-frames to be uploaded along with the video title. There are a few general guidelines to follow, but the right poster-frame depends on what your show is about.

  • Clear, In-Focus
  • Bright, High-Contrast
  • Close-Ups of Faces
  • Visually Compelling Imagery
  • Well-Framed, Good Composition
  • Foreground Stands Out From Background
  • Images That “Compel You To Click”
  • Accurately Represents the Content

Thumbnails are important for search, related video traffic, and channel page optimization. This visual snapshot of your video is one of the most important optimizations for attracting views on the platform. Tip: make sure to upload high-resolution thumbnails so your thumbnail appears crisp and clear throughout the site.

3. Strongly Embed Your Videos on Your Blog or Website.

If you’re trying to grow your YouTube presence, there’s a strong chance that you also have a website or a blog. Intertwine your website/blog and YouTube account as tightly as possible. Include several of your videos on your website so that anyone that lands on it are bound to see at least one or two before they leave.

4. Ask People to Like the Video.

If asked directly most people who viewed your video (and who enjoyed it) will go on to like it too. They probably would have anyhow but this avoids the hiccups like them getting distracted and forgetting. You can do this in the comments, but it is more effective in with either a message on the screen or a polite voiceover.

Don’t forget to mention why you are asking for likes. You could mention it boosts your motivation, helps you to know what people like and want more of, or whatever feels right for you. You could even take shortcuts and Buy Youtube Video Likes.

5. Insert Keywords into Your Video Titles.

YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, behind Google. This means the lion’s share of how people find your videos is through keywords. And what has one of the biggest weights on video placement for popular keywords? The keywords in your title! So insert keywords into your video title when they are relevant. (But of course, don’t spam)

For example, if you have a video about how to fix laptop keyboards, instead of a title like: “Broken Keys

Choose a richly descriptive title that helps people instantly understand what the video is about, perhaps with a title such as: “How To Repair/Fix Your Broken Laptop Keyboard – MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or PC

6. Post Content that People Want to Watch.

It may seem obvious, but you probably need to seriously assess your videos with one question – “Are my videos watch-able?” You might feel that your YouTube videos are entertaining because you made them, but others might not feel the same way. Make sure your videos are something that users would want to stick around and watch the entirety of. Search popular videos and note what sets them apart from similar videos in the same niche.

7. Prompt Likes with Annotations.

Some videos don’t have the capacity for a verbal or textual prompt to hit the like button. Luckily there’s a brilliant way to tell your viewers to like you without verbally saying it or adding subtitles to your video.


An annotation can be embedded within your video. These annotations have a bunch of functions—not the least of which is reminding your viewers to like your video.

You can also link your annotation so that when someone clicks it, it redirects them somewhere else. You can use annotations to prompt your fans to like, subscribe or comment on your video. Linking those annotations just makes it that much easier for them to do so.

8. Boost Your Subscriber Figures.

It makes sense that the more people who follow your channel the more chance you have of getting views and likes. It’s not always easy to boost the number of subscribers but you can try the following ideas: ask viewers to subscribe, using the same reasoning as asking for likes; post regular content so people begin to look forward to new videos; spread the word via other social media channels. People need to know who and where you are to like or subscribe. Click here to know How to Get Unlimited Subscribers on Youtube.


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