The Ultimate Guide: To Increasing Your Facebook Video Views

The Ultimate Guide:  To Increasing Your Facebook Video Views

With billions of users worldwide, Facebook is a marketing platform with great potential. However, only a small percentage of marketers who use it report success. Even so, algorithms that run Facebook continue to improve the user’s experience. In this case, as a marketer, you should find out what you are missing. In other words, what prevents you from realizing success?

Today, one of the improvements adopted by the platform is the use of video content. Statistics show that over 4 billion watch Facebook videos daily. You may witness skewed numbers considering that the videos play even before you click them. However, it is hard to ignore that these numbers are still very high. The truth is that Facebook videos are an efficient way of engaging with your customers. More so, they are fun, and people are going to like them. The tips below will teach you how to get more Facebook video views.

Surprisingly, having too many followers can hurt your visibility on Facebook. The platform rewards meaningful activity, so popularity without engagement is useless. The bigger your audience, the harder it is to keep engagement levels high.

Facebook algorithms see your posts as spam if you get a lot of views, but few clicks. It’s more effective to target a manageable audience of people who regularly engage with your content.

Start by checking out your current followers and how they interact with your content. Look for trends among their interests and demographics to build a brand persona.

Use the Audience Optimization tool to find preferred and lookalike audiences who are likely to respond well to your content. That way, you have a better chance of gaining comments, likes, and shares on each post. Friends of your preferred audience may also see content, which boosts your organic reach.

Facebook reports that people typically spend triple the amount of time watching a live video when it shows up on their News Feed. People are often drawn to live videos because of their spontaneity and in-the-moment nature. However, without proper preparation, your video can still fall flat. An awkward pause or excessive rambling may cause your viewers to leave. In order to avoid this, you should strategize what you are going to talk about. Outlining key points or jotting down a few questions you would like to ask the audience will give you better direction and more confidence going in.

Another factor you should consider before going live is your setup. Most importantly, you want to ensure you have a strong Internet connection, so your stream is consistent for your audience. You should also test your lighting and sound to make sure that you can be easily seen and heard by your viewers. Be sure to test the same equipment you will be using for the broadcast, that way you’ll practice using the equipment and you can try a few different settings to find the right one for you. If this is your first time using Facebook Live, you can practice with the “Only Me” privacy setting to make sure everything is ready to go.

Now, a square video is becoming a widely popular format for two reasons: One, it won’t change size depending on what orientation you are holding your device. (As I mentioned above, mobile users actually prefer not to turn their phones, so this reduces friction.) 

Second, a video in this format takes up more screen real estate, making it more prominent within the newsfeed.

The thumbnail is the first thing people see, make sure

it is a good one that calls people in. It should be clear. If you don’t like the thumbnails Facebook gives you to work with, you can also upload one.

The first 3 seconds of any video is crucial. Tuck in the initial few seconds of your video with the most vital information to initiate more viewership.

Facebook videos have the first few seconds for auto-play. To captivate users’ attention and convince them to watch the media at that very moment here are a few proven points.

Find out how to make the first 3 seconds more engaging:

  • Use thumbnails: These are items on the page that does a great job of capturing people’s attention while they scroll through their feed.
  • Update video with a relevant post: Titles play a considerable role in making a video successful. Sometimes they add more meaning to the video and while other times they compel the viewers to take active action on a call to action.

We noted in the introduction to this article how your first rule of business when creating videos for Facebook should be to create quality content. But if you combine this strategy with a compelling story or message, you’re sure to get more of a reaction from your viewers. For instance, your brand could support a cause or start a conversation around something your audience is passionate about. You could also focus on posting inspirational or funny human interest pieces related to your brand, as these types of videos continually attract millions of views per month (according to our monthly Facebook leaderboard results, at least).

We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed how well shareable content generates shares and engagement on Facebook. Content analytics company Buzzsumo looked at over 100 million videos on the social site and discovered videos with a humorous or uplifting tone tended to perform the best in terms of views, engagements, and shares. Another style of video to consider, according to Buzzsumo’s research, is hacks, tips, and how-to clips. Try out these types of videos to see which get the most reaction from your audience.

One way to ensure you get more Facebook video views is by sending broadcast messages to your subscribers. Send them a broadcast email mentioning the time you will be going live. Additionally, remember to hint what you are going to talk about in your video and how it is going to benefit the viewers. You can include a teaser to create curiosity among your followers. Most importantly, make sure that you include a link to your Facebook page.

Email subscribers can provide a reliable source of traffic to your Facebook business page. Let them know when you post content that’s relevant to their interests. Make sure you tag other businesses or social influencers if you mention them in your posts.

Building traction early on can improve a post’s performance and help you get noticed. Respond to comments quickly to connect with prospects and loyal followers.


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