This Tips Will Help You to Grow Your LinkedIn Followers

This Tips Will Help You to Grow Your LinkedIn Followers

1. Invite People to Follow Your Company Page.

This can be done via regular email or LinkedIn messages. When you send an email to your constituents, invite them to follow you on other social networks, too. Use LinkedIn messages when you want to send a quick invitation to your LinkedIn connections. 

2. Engage with Your Audience.

Optimize your content to engage with your audience. The most engaging posts according to LinkedIn’s algorithm is “best-of” type posts. Besides this make sure that same as other channels you are consistent with posting and keep updating and sharing content that is of interest to your audience.

3. Write Targeted Updates.

Boost the marketing power of your posts by writing targeted updates that are visible only to specific audiences. Choose your audience based on seniority, geographic location, industry, etc. 

4. Specify What Your Business is About.

Your business page should reflect your image since it is the first thing people will see after they follow you. First impressions matter! To appear credible and trustworthy, provide credible information about your business. Present a clear photo that shows what your business is about. Doing so will get other visitors to become followers.

5. Post Status Updates Daily.

It’s important to be active on LinkedIn, and that starts with posting status updates every day. Think of your LinkedIn updates in the same way as any social media post. Make sure they add value, talk about your business and include a call to action.

When you consistently stay in the feeds of your connections, there’s more opportunity for them to comment, like and share your posts. This interaction gets you introduced to their connections and gives you one more way to grow your network. When people are sharing and commenting on your stuff, it’s social proof that you’re an expert in your field.

6.  Ask Employees to Add Your Business to Their Profile.

Take a look at your company page and see how many employees you have.  Those that are associated with your business will be highlighted here, but you may find that a few may not be (especially if it is a new page).  Ask your employees to edit their employment history and tag on your company page.  When employees update their profile to say that they are working for you (or freelancing) they will automatically follow the page.

7. Add a LinkedIn Share Button on Your Website. 

so for example if you have a blog section sharing your content directly is easier and also makes it for people reading your blog to share your content. This leads to more coverage on your brand.

8. Post-Great Content Regularly.

Publishing high-quality content regularly boosts your visibility on LinkedIn -effectively increasing engagement. With more people visiting your page, you will also increase your followers. This happens in three simple steps. First, keep your audience interested in regularly updated information so they check back often for new content. Second, when your followers share your content or comment on it, their connections will see the activity in their feed. This increases visibility to potential followers. The final step is to share your content with as many relevant groups as possible.


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