Ways To Increase Your Twitter Views l Alwaysviral

 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Views l Alwaysviral

1. Wordsmith tweets and stay under 100 characters.

One of Twitter’s appeals is the character restriction that forces users to be concise. Even so, 140 characters have enough room for a long-winding sentence that can put viewers off. Imagine trying to read a long paragraph on a hoarding when driving past it on a road. That’s how it is to read long sentences on a platform where there are 7000+ new tweets every second. Twitter’s research proves that shorter tweets attract more engagement.

2. Choose the people you follow carefully.

If you look at the top profiles in your niche on Twitter, you’ll see that most of their owners follow a large number of people.

This means that those people probably followed a large number of people in the process of building the following they have today. But you can’t follow everybody. That will leave you with a cluttered feed and an unfocused following. So, how do you decide whom to follow?

  • Search Twitter by hashtags and keywords to find profiles to follow.
  • Consider profiles suggested by Twitter. These are personalized suggestions based on who you follow, who they follow and how Twitter users interact with both these sets of profiles.
  • Use tools like Tweepi to follow back your followers and “flush” those who aren’t following you back. Tweepi also tells you which profiles are less active and not likely to engage with you.

3. Post More Visual Content.

As you probably know, tweets containing visual content receive more likes, shares, and retweets than those without them.

As such, brands should strive to couple their tweets with some sort of accompanying image. Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with solely text-based tweets, images are better poised to stop serial scrollers and encourage them to take a look at your post.

Even something as simple as a colorful blog post preview like this one from Slack can do the trick:  Coupling your tweets with GIFs or memes has become common practice, as illustrated by Beardbrand:  Meanwhile, infographics are shared three times more often than any other type of image on Twitter. If you’ve got some compelling data to share with the world, go for it. Here’s a great example from Forbes:

And signaling the strength of video content marketing, this medium is six times more likely to be shared than a typical text-based tweet. Quick-how-to’s and listicle videos like this one from Hubspot are all the rage right now:  Whether you’re looking to inform or entertain your audience (or both), filling your feed with visual content can help bring new followers into the fold.

4. Tweet during the day & optimize tweet windows

The idea to catch your followers when they are active. This is particularly crucial on Twitter, where tweets stay on top of your followers’ feeds for only a few short minutes. You may have read posts that say tweet in the afternoons or late evenings, but to stay on the safer side, let’s consider the entire 12 hour period of the daytime.

During that time, which intervals are best for your brand to maximize its engagement? These intervals will vary from brand to brand but can have overlaps caused by general audience behavior. You can find your tweet windows using the tips.

  • Create a test case tweet and publish it on different days at different times. Use social media analytics to identify which days and times worked for you best.
  • Employ a Twitter analytics tool like Tweroid to do the job for you.

5. Use hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to connect to people with similar interests and to increase the visibility of your tweets.

  • Add hashtags to your tweets and also create tweets based on hashtags that are popular on Twitter at the time (you can see these as “trends” on the left-hand side of your Twitter home page). This will maximize your tweet’s exposure.
  • However, like everything on Twitter, hashtags should be used in moderation. Just pick one or two relevant or amusing hashtags which add to the quality of your tweet. Don’t just add hashtags onto words that appeared in the rest of your tweet, or include them just for the sake of it.

6. Tweet during off hours & on weekends.

While a majority of your tweets can be published during high-engagement intervals, a few of them can be targeted at off hours or weekends. This strategy can help you reach the exceptions who are active during off hours and standout among the fewer brand tweets published on weekends.

Salesforce’s study notes that daytime tweets receive 30% more engagement even on weekends when fewer brands choose to tweet.

  • Create a sharing schedule that takes advantage of off-hours and weekends.
  • Schedule repeat tweets or copies of weekday tweets for the weekends.

7. Retweet Others.

A retweet is when someone finds your tweet interesting and wants to share it with all their followers (with your Twitter username attached). There’s no other ecstatic feeling when someone loves your posts that they are willing to share it with all their followers. The same goes for others. If you retweet other people’s tweets, they will most likely follow you as a sign of appreciation and return a retweet at a later date. Retweets are the easiest way to get in front of tons of new followers/customers.



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